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Principle over policy: Dominic Grieve QC

Unsparing in his criticism, the former Attorney General reflects on recent events in government and his own experience of being chief legal adviser. 

Interview by Anthony Inglese CB 

26 March 2021 / Anthony Inglese CB

The international human rights jurist: Surya Subedi QC

The journey from a small village in Nepal to international law professor and UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights: Admas Habteslasie talks to Surya Subedi QC (Hon) 

19 March 2021 / Admas Habteslasie

Passing the Brief: Keina Yoshida interviews Karon Monaghan QC

Passing the Brief returns as Keina Yoshida chats with equality and human rights silk Karon Monaghan QC about the difficulties facing women at the Bar, 100 years of the ILO, and what's next for gender equality lawyers  

08 March 2021 / Keina Yoshida

Heather Hallett for IWD 2021: Making strides

To mark International Women’s Day 2021, Baroness Heather Hallett talks to Nina Tavakoli about her career, how tough life can be for women lawyers challenging prejudice and discrimination, and brighter paths ahead 

08 March 2021 / Nina Tavakoli

Beyond cold rationality: Sir Mark Hedley

Laurence Cooper in conversation with Sir Mark Hedley, discussing a historic trial by Zoom, original sin, and the importance of efficient court processes 

25 February 2021 / Laurence Cooper

Practice Toolset


Advocacy and the Vulnerable in the Family Court

‘A skill that can be taught’ reaches the family Bar: Siân Smith, Alison Moore and Jayne Pye on the national training being rolled out to equip barristers with the skills to effectively question vulnerable adults and children in the Family Court 

19 March 2021 / Siân Smith / Jane Pye / Alison Moore

Rising up the rankings: an insider's guide

Daniel Kidd lifts the lid on the often-misunderstood legal directory submissions process and explores ways in which chambers and barristers can optimise their ranking strategies 

12 March 2021 / Daniel Kidd

Women in Family Law – one year on

Launched just before Lockdown One, Hannah Markham QC charts a year in the life of the WiFL forum – plus WiFL’s plans to spearhead its next year of inspirational women 

02 March 2021 / Hannah Markham QC

Is your ambition driving you in the right direction?

The problem with ambition is when we tie it to the wrong destination... something with which lawyers commonly struggle, says Helen Conway  

25 February 2021 / Helen Conway

When wigs become masks

Are high achievers their own worst enemies when it comes to self-doubt? Nikki Alderson offers ten strategies to help you overcome imposter syndrome and achieve your goals 

25 February 2021 / Nikki Alderson

Justice Matters

'Kill the Bill'

Dissent and protest are a healthy safety valve for every democracy, write Sailesh Mehta and Caroline Baker, yet recent events have put the proposals around policing public protest under the spotlight – and many do not like what they see 

08 April 2021 / Sailesh Mehta / Caroline Baker

Welcome to Themis

Anogika Souresh and Adiba Bassam introduce Themis, an intersectional and inclusive alliance representing the rights and interest of all self-identifying women at the Bar 

01 April 2021 / Anogika Souresh / Adiba Bassam

Where now for the legal aid Bar?

Barristers gave stark evidence on the sustainability of the publicly funded Bar to the Westminster Commission on Legal Aid, reports Rohini Teather 

01 April 2021 / Rohini Teather

The mathematics of juries

Larger juries are better than smaller juries. But how many jurors does that entail, exactly? A theoretical discussion of jury decision-making and optimal jury size 

By Matthew Butt QC and Daniel Butt 

01 April 2021 / Matthew Butt QC / Daniel Butt

The return of private prosecution

As private prosecutions become more popular, particularly in cases of fraud and deceit, here's a refresher on their workings and historical roots, by Lim Yee 

01 April 2021 / Lim Yee

Bon Vivant


Book review: Clustered Injustice and the Level Green

By Luke Clements, ISBN 9781913648077, Legal Action Group (December 2020)

Reviewed by Stephen Simblet QC 

01 April 2021 / Stephen Simblet QC

Secret E-Diary

When a sentence is a paragraph 

30 March 2021 / William Byfield

Easter wine 2021

Whether you’re feasting on roast lamb, poached salmon or the finest vegetarian fare, Professor Dominic Regan and Sean Jones QC weigh up the best pairings for a delicious Easter lunch 

Secret E-Diary

Brave new world? February 8, 2021 

'Life is tough – and you have to be tougher than life to change the world.'
Sebastian Piñera

08 March 2021

Lowlifes and high times

Life at the criminal Bar or the product of an irresistible creative impulse? 

By Ben Mills 

25 February 2021 / Ben Mills

Chambers Announcements

A career in governance

Making a move from the Bar to a career in governance: Maria Brookes outlines three good reasons to switch and how to do it

30 March 2021 / Maria Brookes

Barristers required by international law firm

Chambers People:Exciting and Novel Opportunity

19 March 2021

Barristers of the digital future

Ins Rivera explains how speech recognition can help barristers create accurate documentation faster

18 March 2021 / Inés Rivera

Chambers People

Calling all barristers... are you considering a move?

18 February 2021

Doughty Street Chambers

Doughty Street Chambers is delighted to announce the appointment of Emma Goodall, Maya Sikand, Jamie Burton and Adam Straw to Queen's Counsel

17 February 2021
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