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Order out of chaos: Professor Jane Monckton-Smith

Upskilling courts with a more forensic approach to domestic abuse, Professor Monckton-Smith talks to Laurence Cooper about her groundbreaking research, identifying patterns of coercive control and use of the homicide timeline

09 November 2021 / Laurence Cooper

Lessons learnt: Survive, adapt, overcome

Despite our problems, the Bar remains a vibrant, growing and increasingly diverse profession of people who really make a difference – with some healthy reinvention and mutual support along the way, writes Theo Huckle QC

09 November 2021 / Theo Huckle QC

The essence of advocacy: Lord Pannick QC

In a rare interview, Lord Pannick QC, the barrister at the centre of some of the most critical legal debates this country has seen, reflects on his own role in the theatre of law, celebrates the art of persuasion and discusses his upcoming Hamlyn Lectures. Interview by Anthony Inglese CB

04 November 2021 / Anthony Inglese CB

Lessons learnt: A barrister’s personal development

In a profession which can be attached to, and defined by, archaic stereotypes, how to be yourself, explore new areas and own your own time? Here are Lennart Poulsen's 'lessons learnt'...

08 October 2021 / Lennart Poulsen

Treasury Solicitor: Susanna McGibbon

With a mission statement to ‘help the government govern well, within the rule of law’, what are the priorities for the Treasury Solicitor now leading the GLD? Susanna McGibbon talks to Anthony Inglese

06 October 2021 / Anthony Inglese CB

Practice Toolset


The antiracist court

Racial disparity and racism can impact experiences in the courtroom; Abimbola Johnson has some constructive solutions on how we can effectively challenge it

12 November 2021 / Abimbola Johnson

Regulatory roles and how to get them

Highly sought after and ideally suited to the skills and experience of members of the Bar... how to maximise your chances when applying for a ‘regulatory role’? By Paul Secher

09 November 2021 / Paul Secher

Have we got planning news for you

Not your average CPD... born out of lockdown, HWGPNFY was devised to raise money for the NHS and entertain while discussing the latest developments in planning law and policy


Lax with your tax?

If you tend to be a little late in filing your tax return, here’s Mary Kelly's guide to the penalties, getting up to date and keeping on top of it all

25 October 2021 / Mary Kelly

The 20%: what the Employed Bar gets up to

Michael Harwood's guide for aspiring members of the Employed Bar to the huge array of possibilities – including a new ‘disruptor’ trend

12 October 2021 / Michael Harwood

Justice Matters

Déjà vu? The Criminal Bar in 2021

The court backlog, remote hearings and exodus of criminal advocates due to poor remuneration are all linked – and so must be the solutions, writes HH Nigel Lithman QC

25 November 2021 / HH Nigel Lithman QC

Ending gender-based violence: how the Bar can get involved

As the Global 16 Days Campaign launches, Celestine Greenwood explores the role the Bar can play in tackling gender-based violence – every day of the year

25 November 2021 / Celestine Greenwood

Calls for global solidarity for lawyers at risk

The Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe, representing the Bars and law societies of 45 countries and more than 1 million European lawyers, has highlighted a range of individual lawyers who are currently at risk

25 November 2021

Protecting equality and human rights during a pandemic

Adam Sowerbutts explains how the EHRC is making decisions about the use of its legal powers during extraordinary times

12 November 2021 / Adam Sowerbutts

At the foothills of online court reform

Dropping hearings into Zoom is not the end game, writes Professor Richard Susskind OBE

09 November 2021 / Professor Richard Susskind OBE

Bon Vivant


Powerlifting power

How to expend adrenalin after a testing day in court? Ahmad Badar outlines the benefits of stepping up to a different kind of bar...

19 October 2021 / Ahmad Badar

Secret E-Diary

Generosity has a price tag

19 October 2021 / William Byfield

Lawyers in film: The Trial (1962)

A dark reminder in a new age of excessive compliance? David Langwallner celebrates Franz Kafka’s The Trial  and Orson Welles’ genius adaptation

22 September 2021 / David Langwallner

My top ten: legal TV dramas

Jason M Hadden's ultimate top ten of TV legal dramas

30 August 2021 / Jason M Hadden

Secret E-Diary

Memory Lane or Nightmare Alley?

26 August 2021 / William Byfield

Black Lives Matter


The antiracist court

Racial disparity and racism can impact experiences in the courtroom; Abimbola Johnson has some constructive solutions on how we can effectively challenge it

12 November 2021 / Abimbola Johnson

Changing the picture: diversity at silk level

Exclusive statistical analysis: Barbara Mills QC outlines how the deeply unhelpful, homogenous BAME acronym is masking the true extent and systemic nature of the Bar’s diversity problem

02 July 2021 / Barbara Mills QC

We need to continue to talk about race: one year on

If the Bar is complacent on the issue of race, then we will perpetuate the same racial inequities that continue to pervade our society, writes Professor Leslie Thomas QC 


A change has gotta come

Glenn Parsons takes a snapshot of diversity and inclusion at the Bar in 2021 – and shares what barristers on the North Eastern Circuit are doing to make lasting change happen  

23 February 2021 / Glenn Parsons

Meet the Bar’s first reverse mentor and mentee

The pilot scheme’s first pairing, Elisha Lindsay  and Paul Stanley QC , share their thoughts on the BSB’s reverse mentoring initiative and what they have learned from each other so far

08 January 2021

Chambers Announcements

CPS – Specialist Prosecutor – POC – Civil Recovery

Are you a talented lawyer looking to take the next step in your career? Being a Specialist Prosecutor with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Proceeds of Crime means that you will be at the forefront of delivering justice.

12 August 2021

Offshore law: the view from the Caribbean

Why barristers are taking their practice offshore: a Q and A with Charlotte Morrish, former barrister and now legal recruiter at SteppingStones Legal

15 June 2021 / Charlotte Morrish

Discounted webinars for the Bar

In partnership with the Bar Council, LexisNexis is offering up to 60% off its extensive webinar offering.

07 June 2021

National Lawyer and LM1 Opportunities

Are you a talented lawyer from a criminal law background looking to take the next step in your career?Find your Prosecutor opportunity at the CPS now!

12 May 2021

CIArb Roebuck Lecture 2021

'The impact of the Singapore Mediation Convention, both on mediation and arbitration' to be delivered by Hon Lady Justice Joyce Aluoch EBS CBS MCIArb, (Rtd) Judge, Certified International Mediator

09 May 2021
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A lot more conversation, a lot more action

The forthcoming Race at the Bar report, and what the Bar Council is doing on the intersecting issues of race discrimination, equal opportunity and social mobility

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