AI and the Bar


The justice of artificial intelligence

The UK can be proud to have hosted the Bletchley AI Safety Summit but there is so much more to be done to make AI safe, secure and trustworthy, say Robin Allen KC and Dee Masters 

15 January 2024 / Robin Allen KC / Dee Masters

AI: new frontiers in clinical negligence

Should healthcare practitioners be liable where treatment assisted by AI goes wrong? Robert Kellar KC explores the ways in which AI is reshaping the practice of medicine and clinical negligence law 

15 January 2024 / Robert Kellar KC

AI: may the force be with you

Andrew Goddard KC and Laura Hussey consider the new skills barristers will need to become the legal superstars of the future 

15 January 2024 / Andrew Goddard KC / Laura Hussey

Bar Council’s Law Reform Essay Competition 2023

The winning essay is ‘Not OK Computer: A Proposed AI Transparency Framework for the UK’ by Louis Dejeu-Castang 

18 December 2023 / Louis Dejeu-Castang

Automated state decision-making: Opacity, signs and signals

Mia Leslie shares techniques developed by the Public Law Project to help identify whether your client has been affected by automated state decision-making 

15 December 2023 / Mia Leslie

Robot art – whose IP is it anyway?

The law will have to radically adapt to the way new digital technologies are changing not only the use and exploitation of property but even its definition, writes Nick De Marco KC 

13 November 2023 / Nick De Marco KC

Generative AI: Change, opportunity, risk?

Will generative AI significantly impact the work of barristers? Graham Denholm investigates what it might mean for the Bar 

11 September 2023 / Graham Denholm

Data… what is it good for?

PJ Kirby KC, self-confessed technophobe, considers why barristers are reluctant to embrace data and analytics, whether we should be doing more with data, and how others in the litigation process are using it 

11 September 2023 / PJ Kirby KC

Contract drafting with chatbots

Legal innovation or risky business? asks Aaron Mayers 

11 September 2023 / Aaron Mayers

AI bias and other risk factors

Discriminatory algorithms, AI hallucinations and data privacy – Sara Ibrahim looks at the key risks for lawyers 

11 September 2023 / Sara Ibrahim
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A busy start to the year

Some positive news on fees after sustained Bar Council and PIBA efforts, Bar’s stance on AI and a new-look Bar Conference 2024

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