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Lessons learnt: The tipping point

Cultural change is actually just a numbers game – joining the dots and wearing the pin. Chris Gutteridge's lessons learnt...

13 September 2021 / Chris Gutteridge

My transparency journey: Lucy Reed

We have a lot to learn from those who have lived their lives under the scrutiny of the family court. One of the first family law bloggers, Lucy Reed looks back on the past 14 years

13 September 2021 / Lucy Reed

Breaking barriers: Cherie Blair QC

The multi-faceted barrister bringing entrepreneurial spirit to her life, career and charitable work chats to Desiree Artesi about how we can break more barriers at the Bar

13 September 2021 / Desiree Artesi

A bridge not too far

Bridging the Bar (BTB) is opening up the Bar to people from non-traditional backgrounds. BTB mentor, Laurence Cooper and his mentee, Jake Acock chat about the mentoring scheme

01 September 2021 / Laurence Cooper

Lola‑Rose Avery: Baby barrister

The pandemic and widespread introduction of remote hearings has been an interesting start to a career at the Bar: Lola-Rose Avery shares a day in her life

30 August 2021 / Lola-Rose Avery

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COIC pupillage matched funding 2022-24

COIC welcomes applications for matched funding for 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 pupillages

15 September 2021 / Mrs Justice Lieven

Lockdown pupillage (2)

Two perspectives on pupillage during the pandemic concludes with a look at Karen’s experiences on her feet (AKA the ‘lockdown second six’)

15 September 2021 / Chris Bryden / Karen Staunton

Minding the pupillage gap

Lack of networking and advocacy opportunities have been pupils’ biggest challenges during COVID. Melissa Elsworth, Thomas Harvey and Mani Basi explain how the Family Law Bar Association’s expanding Pupillage Project is helping to fill the gap 

15 September 2021 / Melissa Elsworth / Thomas Harvey / Mani Basi

Top tips for new pupils

Welcome to the Bar! To help new pupils at the start of a daunting year, here’s some advice from three incumbents to help you navigate the inevitable challenges

15 September 2021 / Aaron Mayers / Holly Challenger / Ryan Anderson

Dual qualify: New York Bar

Your guide to making it as a NY attorney and practical issues for English barristers. By Teresa Rosen Peacocke and Alex Haines

01 September 2021 / Teresa Rosen Peacocke / Alex Haines

Justice Matters


Jobs and homes – a journey through the civil justice system

David Renton charts 12 months of civil law in lockdown: the gap between employment and housing law keeps getting wider

01 September 2021 / David Renton

DPAs for the masses: the rehabilitative approach

Politicians 'getting tough on crime' should note two pioneering, results-based, rehabilitative schemes in Durham and Hertfordshire which are slashing reoffending rates, write Tori Adams and Siân Beaven

01 September 2021 / Tori Adams / Siân Beaven

Behind the Five Eyes

An analysis of the Five Eyes Intelligence Organization, its continued significance in international law and order, and relevance to the Bar. By Dr Anthony R Wells

20 July 2021 / Dr Anthony R Wells

Changing the picture: diversity at silk level

Exclusive statistical analysis: Barbara Mills QC outlines how the deeply unhelpful, homogenous BAME acronym is masking the true extent and systemic nature of the Bar’s diversity problem

02 July 2021 / Barbara Mills QC

The COVID Inquiry: what we should expect

As we await the detail of the ‘full and independent inquiry’ to which the Prime Minister has committed, Theo Huckle QC, Nick Brown and Frederick Powell look back at the successes and failures of other key inquiries and what we can learn from them.

Bon Vivant

My top ten: legal TV dramas

Jason M Hadden's ultimate top ten of TV legal dramas

30 August 2021 / Jason M Hadden

Witness for The Prosecution (1957)

One of our most notable courtroom dramas is also a useful illustration of a barrister’s craft, writes David Langwallner

02 June 2021 / David Langwallner

Secret E-Diary

Spring is sprung

01 June 2021 / William Byfield

The redress of art and poetry

Marking Mental Health Awareness Week, and publication of the National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance's latest guide for prison staff, Tim Kiely looks at access to creative activity and how essential it is to the wellbeing of people in prison 

09 May 2021 / Timothy Kiely

Secret E-Diary

In memoriam 

01 May 2021 / William Byfield

Black Lives Matter

Changing the picture: diversity at silk level

Exclusive statistical analysis: Barbara Mills QC outlines how the deeply unhelpful, homogenous BAME acronym is masking the true extent and systemic nature of the Bar’s diversity problem

02 July 2021 / Barbara Mills QC

We need to continue to talk about race: one year on

If the Bar is complacent on the issue of race, then we will perpetuate the same racial inequities that continue to pervade our society, writes Professor Leslie Thomas QC 


A change has gotta come

Glenn Parsons takes a snapshot of diversity and inclusion at the Bar in 2021 – and shares what barristers on the North Eastern Circuit are doing to make lasting change happen  

23 February 2021 / Glenn Parsons

Meet the Bar’s first reverse mentor and mentee

The pilot scheme’s first pairing, Elisha Lindsay  and Paul Stanley QC , share their thoughts on the BSB’s reverse mentoring initiative and what they have learned from each other so far

08 January 2021

No place for systemic racism

How systemic racism affects the Bar, an audit of the profession’s progress so far, and the structural, cultural and personal change required for meaningful action 

By  Amit Popat  

30 November 2020 / Amit Popat

Chambers Announcements

CPS – Specialist Prosecutor – POC – Civil Recovery

Are you a talented lawyer looking to take the next step in your career? Being a Specialist Prosecutor with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Proceeds of Crime means that you will be at the forefront of delivering justice.

12 August 2021

Offshore law: the view from the Caribbean

Why barristers are taking their practice offshore: a Q and A with Charlotte Morrish, former barrister and now legal recruiter at SteppingStones Legal

15 June 2021 / Charlotte Morrish

Discounted webinars for the Bar

In partnership with the Bar Council, LexisNexis is offering up to 60% off its extensive webinar offering.

07 June 2021

National Lawyer and LM1 Opportunities

Are you a talented lawyer from a criminal law background looking to take the next step in your career?Find your Prosecutor opportunity at the CPS now!

12 May 2021

CIArb Roebuck Lecture 2021

'The impact of the Singapore Mediation Convention, both on mediation and arbitration' to be delivered by Hon Lady Justice Joyce Aluoch EBS CBS MCIArb, (Rtd) Judge, Certified International Mediator

09 May 2021
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