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Standing up for justice Sir Robert Neill KC (Hon) MP

‘The ethical code of the Bar is one of our great strengths. We need more of it in politics,’ says Sir Robert Neill KC (Hon) MP. As the influential Chair of the Commons Justice Select Committee prepares to stand down, he talks to Anthony Inglese CB about his barrister roots and key wins in Parliament 

15 April 2024 / Anthony Inglese CB

Driving change

Equality of opportunity needs to start much earlier – at primary school. Jessica Powers’ lessons learnt driving diversity and inclusion in barrister recruitment and retention 

15 April 2024 / Jessica Powers

Rise of a RASSO counsel

If we fail to nurture women’s collective talent at the Criminal Bar, half the population of this country will not be properly represented. We cannot let all the hard work be undone, says Tana Adkin KC 

15 April 2024 / Tana Adkin KC

Silks Day 2024

On 18 March 2024, the official ceremony took place at Westminster Hall where the successful applicants in the 2023 competition were formally sworn in as King’s Counsel. Here’s a flavour of the special day and congratulations to all

15 April 2024

Lessons learnt: Breaking through traditions – and creating new ones

From Africa to the Bar of England and Wales, and expertly navigating its challenges. Head of chambers Ayesha Hasan shares her lessons learnt 

11 March 2024 / Ayesha Hasan

Practice Toolset


What the Bar can learn from – Project profs

Jaspal Kaur-Griffin shares some tips from the project management world for avoiding common pitfalls 

15 April 2024 / Jaspal Kaur-Griffin

Silk’s unsung heroes: assessor FAQs

Let’s hear it for the assessors, says Dame Anne Rafferty of the KC Selection Panel. And to make silk assessors’ lives a little easier when applicants come calling in May, Dame Anne fields some commonly asked questions 

15 April 2024 / Dame Anne Rafferty

Getting juniors on their feet

Creating advocacy opportunities for juniors is now the expectation but not always easy to put into effect. Tom Mitcheson KC distils developing best practice from the Patents Court initiative already bearing fruit 

15 April 2024 / Tom Mitcheson KC

Valuing autism in chambers

If your current practice environment is bringing you down, seek a new one. However daunting the change, it will be worth it, says Anon Barrister 

15 April 2024 / Anonymous
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O’Brien update (7) – By His Honour John Platt

The long-running fee-paid judicial pensions saga continues. The current cut-off date for giving notice of election to join FPJPS is 31 March 2024, and that date now gives rise to a serious problem, warns HH John Platt 

26 March 2024

Justice Matters


The role of lawyers in the Post Office Scandal

Most of us like to think we would risk our career in order to meet our ethical obligations, so why have so many lawyers failed to hold the line? asks Flora Page 

15 April 2024 / Flora Page

Points on overturning convictions

As the Post Office (Horizon System) Offences Bill is debated in Parliament and legal circles, Chris Hodges OBE, Chair of the Horizon Compensation Advisory Board, explains why they recommended this controversial route 

15 April 2024 / Christopher Hodges OBE

Disclosure of unused material

The spectre of injustice brought about by failures in the regime for disclosure of unused material continue to scar the criminal justice system, says Jonathan Fisher KC  

15 April 2024 / Jonathan Fisher KC

JudicialTech: friend or foe?

Jeremy Barnett and David Ormerod CBE KC (Hon) explore the emerging technologies and principles at stake 


Protected characteristics v freedom of speech

With extremist views becoming more commonplace, is the law keeping up? Leila Taleb examines the increasingly uneasy balance between freedom of expressoin and protected characteristics 

15 April 2024 / Leila Taleb

Bon Vivant


Joys of the Eurostar

Spring break anyone? Dominic Regan offers practical tips for making the most of Eurostar 

15 April 2024 / Professor Dominic Regan

Lawyers in film: Witchfinder General (1968)

Not a golden oldie. David Langwallner continues his series with a rather controversial choice   

15 April 2024 / David Langwallner

Secret E-Diary

'Carpe diem!' says William Byfield 

15 April 2024 / William Byfield

My Neighbour Totoro; The Play That Goes Wrong

Daniel Barnett tests two engineering feats 

20 March 2024 / Daniel Barnett

Black Inclusion


A ‘10K Black Interns’ experience at the Bar

Championing underrepresented talent, 10K Black Interns 2024 is open for applications. Mentee Tendai Chiguvare and mentor Anna Walsh share their experience of the summer internship scheme at the Bar 

19 February 2024 / Tendai Chiguvare / Anna Walsh

Black women at the Bar: challenges faced and a fairer future

Bibi Badejo reports from a packed Inns of Court Women’s Alliance event examining the experiences of Black women barristers and imparting crucial advice for Black women navigating the legal profession 

19 February 2024 / Bibi Badejo

Fair recruitment at the Bar

Ensuring recruitment processes are fair, and free from bias, is essential to drive diversity at the Bar. Bindi Dholakia and Rachel Krys examine the theory and practice 

19 February 2024 / Bindi Dholakia / Rachel Krys

‘True equality alongside excellence’: Jason Pitter KC

The North Eastern Circuit Leader on his trailblazing career, turbulent early years of practice and his mission to equip all barristers, regardless of their characteristics, with the opportunity to thrive. Interview by Glenn Parsons  

13 November 2023 / Glenn Parsons

‘Talent on its own is not enough’: Barbara Mills KC

The Vice Chair-elect of the Bar talks to Michael V Sternberg KC about her election (and how she got there), why it is now time to raise the voice of the Family Bar, and her continued drive for equality, diversity and inclusion 

11 September 2023 / Michael V Sternberg KC KCFO

AI and the Bar


Copyright protection in the online world

With AI models the subject of litigation worldwide, courts are grappling with what copyright protects, what it should  protect, and how. Mark Wilden reports 

19 February 2024 / Mark Wilden

The justice of artificial intelligence

The UK can be proud to have hosted the Bletchley AI Safety Summit but there is so much more to be done to make AI safe, secure and trustworthy, say Robin Allen KC and Dee Masters 

15 January 2024 / Robin Allen KC / Dee Masters

AI: new frontiers in clinical negligence

Should healthcare practitioners be liable where treatment assisted by AI goes wrong? Robert Kellar KC explores the ways in which AI is reshaping the practice of medicine and clinical negligence law 

15 January 2024 / Robert Kellar KC

AI: may the force be with you

Andrew Goddard KC and Laura Hussey consider the new skills barristers will need to become the legal superstars of the future 

15 January 2024 / Andrew Goddard KC / Laura Hussey

Bar Council’s Law Reform Essay Competition 2023

The winning essay is ‘Not OK Computer: A Proposed AI Transparency Framework for the UK’ by Louis Dejeu-Castang 

18 December 2023 / Louis Dejeu-Castang

Bar Students


Who gets pupillage?

The Bar Council crunches the data to tell the real story of who gets pupillage... and when 

01 September 2023 / The Bar Council

Why being a barrister is the best job in the world (or what you need to know going in)

Newly minted Bar graduates compete at a ratio of 300:1 for a golden ticket to Wonka’s Criminal Justice Factory. The Secret Barrister explains why…

01 September 2021 / The Secret Barrister

The Bar qualification rules

The Bar Standards Board on what you need to know about training to become a barrister in England and Wales

01 September 2021 / Bar Standards Board

Choosing a Bar course

Laurence Cooper explores the high-stakes world of choosing a Bar training course provider

01 September 2021 / Laurence Cooper

The finance factor

How to fund training is often a student’s biggest concern. Here, Rose Malleson takes a look at the types of scholarship and financing options available

01 September 2021 / Rose Malleson
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