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Circuit Leaders’ summer reads (and listens)

On the hunt for the perfect beach book/listen? Circuit Leaders, Michelle Heeley QC, Richard Wright QC, Kate Brunner QC, Lisa Roberts QC and Christine Agnew QC share their recommendations

05 August 2022

Lessons learnt: BBC DJ to the Bar

How did the international DJ and BBC Radio 1Xtra presenter find his transition to the Criminal Bar? Mark Robinson’s secrets of a successful career change and his perception-breaking projects

05 August 2022 / Mark Robinson

The war crimes specialist: Sir Howard Morrison KCMG CBE QC

From a chance airfield encounter to war crimes counsel, Karadzic trial judge, International Criminal Court judge and Independent Adviser to the Ukrainian Prosecutor General – Sir Howard talks to Anthony Inglese CB about the pivotal points that shaped his career

05 August 2022 / Anthony Inglese CB

The literary brief: Thomas Grant QC

Barrister, historian, legal biographer – it was ‘pure serendipity’ that the whirlwind silk went into the law and found his niche as a bestselling author, finds David Rhodes

05 August 2022 / David Rhodes

Nothing but the truth: Imran Mahmood

The barrister and novelist wants us to think more deeply about the conditions that lead people into crime. Here, he talks to Jamil Mohammed about moonlighting, de-stereotyping and the ‘manipulated fate’ that brought him to the Bar

01 July 2022 / Jamil Mohammed

Practice Toolset


Do you know what your clients really think about you?

Keith Hardie on why chambers adopting a robust approach to client listening are likely to steal a march on those who do not

15 August 2022 / Keith Hardie

Winning trust and making change happen

Chambers are full of people with strong personalities and opinions: Sally Sanderson offers a checklist for perfecting your leadership style and introducing change (including planning for resistance)

15 August 2022 / Sally Sanderson

Your guide to the information security questionnaire

The questionnaire has landed. Sam Thomas walks barristers through the ten areas covered by the questionnaire; this is your opportunity to assess your cybersecurity and provide reassurance to clients

08 August 2022 / Sam Thomas

Neurodiversity and pupillage recruitment

Surely diversity of thought at the Bar is a good thing? Why are chambers shoehorning all applicants for pupillage into the same mould? Roxy Lackschewitz-Martin looks at the diagnostic gap and neurodiversity in pupillage applications

05 August 2022 / Roxy Lackschewitz-Martin

New legal ventures: Dual specialisation

‘Parallel practitioner’ Kemi Ojutiku explains how she balances work as a civil and commercial arbitrator alongside her specialist family law practice

01 July 2022 / Kemi Ojutiku

Justice Matters

Criminal Bar: why it’s more than ‘just another strike’

A reminder of what’s at stake. By Stephen Akinsanya

15 August 2022 / Stephen Akinsanya

Returners, movers and talent retention

During a career break, you don’t lose skills, you build on them! Juliette Levy outlines the TRWG’s campaign to attract returners and movers, boost confidence and promote the cognitive diversity they bring

12 August 2022 / Juliette Levy

The perils of public statements by counsel

Should counsel be allowed to express a personal opinion about their cases in public, when they cannot do so in court? asks Patrick O'Connor QC

11 August 2022 / Patrick O’Connor QC

Sexual violence and harassment at school

‘Assume there is a problem’ – Nicola Braganza QC and Grainne Mellon consider best practice and what schools should do when faced with a report of peer-on-peer sexual assault or harassment

11 August 2022 / Nicola Braganza QC / Gráinne Mellon

Find your allies, advocate for change

Adiba Bassam describes the everyday experience of being a junior female barrister and why we all  need to challenge problematic practices – especially if they don’t affect you 

01 July 2022 / Adiba Bassam

Bon Vivant


The 7th Lawyers Cricket World Cup

James Cartwright's match report from Hamilton, New Zealand and a call for new players to join the Bar of England and Wales Cricket Club  

01 July 2022 / James Cartwright

Fighting the Nazis – then and now

A family photograph and inherited fascination with Ethiopia inspired counter-terrorism silk Barnaby Jameson QC to write a fictionalised account of the life of Noor Inayat Khan, the extraordinary SOE wartime agent

01 July 2022 / Barnaby Jameson QC

At the door of the court: adventures in person

Laurence Cooper rounds up recommendations for recreational pursuits – all within striking distance of court buildings 

01 July 2022 / Laurence Cooper

Secret E-Diary

Brief encounters

01 July 2022 / William Byfield

Black Lives Matter


10,000 Black Interns and the Bar

This summer, 24 Black graduates will be offered internships by over 70 sets of chambers. Here, Dawid Konotey-Ahulu – the barrister turned investment banker, entrepreneur and co-founder of 10KBI – explains why the mission was so compelling for him

10 February 2022 / Dawid Konotey-Ahulu

Buying power in the drive for diversity

Putting forward a diverse legal team is no longer ‘preferred’ and the ‘right thing to do’ – it is fast becoming ‘essential’. How law firms and their clients are using spend to help drive change, by David Stone

07 February 2022 / David Stone

Race at the Bar: the time is now

This is our stand up moment: Barbara Mills QC and Simon Regis on the landmark report’s key findings and what the Bar must do to remove the systemic obstacles faced by many barristers from ethnic minority communities

07 January 2022 / Barbara Mills QC / Simon Regis

The anti-racist chambers

Raggi Kotak and Laurie-Anne Power on the positive actions chambers can take to support a more racially inclusive environment

21 December 2021 / Raggi Kotak / Laurie-Anne Power

The antiracist court

Racial disparity and racism can impact experiences in the courtroom; Abimbola Johnson has some constructive solutions on how we can effectively challenge it

12 November 2021 / Abimbola Johnson

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