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Beyond cold rationality: Sir Mark Hedley

Laurence Cooper in conversation with Sir Mark Hedley, discussing a historic trial by Zoom, original sin, and the importance of efficient court processes

25 February 2021 / Laurence Cooper

‘Don’t be intimidated’: Dinah Rose QC

The early passion for open justice that brought her to the Bar, thrills and spills of advocacy, and seizing irresistible opportunities for the next chapter: Dinah Rose QC chats to Anthony Inglese 

25 February 2021 / Anthony Inglese CB

Dame Anne Rafferty: The art of legal life

Recently retired from the bench, the distinctive trailblazer talks to Frances Gibb  about her life and career, COVID and criminal justice (including flat batteries at the Bar and the mood of the judges), and the shortage of women at the top  

24 February 2021 / Frances Gibb

Advocacy for all: Alison Pickup

The Public Law Project’s Legal Director is still very much an advocate speaking up for others – at a time when the need for its work has intensified. Alison Pickup  talks to Charlotte Pope-Williams  about not leaving the Bar, pursuit of the perfect mix and the PLP’s reach during the pandemic

22 January 2021 / Charlotte Pope-Williams

From rhetoric to right: Klentiana Mahmutaj

Why admission to ‘the club’ is not enough: a UN mandate to give practical effect to the human right to development prompts a personal reflection on diversity and inclusivity at the Bar 

By Klentiana Mahmutaj  

22 January 2021 / Klentiana Mahmutaj

Practice Toolset


Women in Family Law – one year on

Launched just before Lockdown One, Hannah Markham QC charts a year in the life of the WiFL forum – plus WiFL’s plans to spearhead its next year of inspirational women 

02 March 2021 / Hannah Markham QC

Is your ambition driving you in the right direction?

The problem with ambition is when we tie it to the wrong destination... something with which lawyers commonly struggle, says Helen Conway  

25 February 2021 / Helen Conway

When wigs become masks

Are high achievers their own worst enemies when it comes to self-doubt? Nikki Alderson offers ten strategies to help you overcome imposter syndrome and achieve your goals 

25 February 2021 / Nikki Alderson

Silk cut?

Tim Collins explains how to make the cut and not be blunted  

25 February 2021 / Tim Collins

Creating a secure virtual space

Missing the designated chambers tech wiz? Sam Thomas  on the risks and liabilities when working remotely, and five practical steps to help you meet data protection requirements and keep cyber safe

19 February 2021 / Sam Thomas

Justice Matters


The employment-rights impact of remote working

With place being a key determinant of many employment rights, what are the potential legal ramifications of working from home? Brian Napier QC, Sally Robertson and Nathaniel Caiden examine the issues 


Testing times for education

With the positive benefits of a vaccine on the horizon and the school return date looming, Ian Brownhill and Stephanie David examine the tests that remain for primary, secondary and tertiary education this year 

25 February 2021 / Ian Brownhill / Stephanie David

A change has gotta come

Glenn Parsons takes a snapshot of diversity and inclusion at the Bar in 2021 – and shares what barristers on the North Eastern Circuit are doing to make lasting change happen  

23 February 2021 / Glenn Parsons

Strangulation and false narratives of consent

The issues considered in New Zealand’s Kempson v R  echo calls for urgent law reform in England and Wales through the Domestic Abuse Bill and a standalone strangulation offence, write Susan Edwards and Kris Gledhill 

23 February 2021 / Susan Edwards / Kris Gledhill

Future of the HRA in British courts

Is the Independent Human Rights Act Review asking the right questions? Timothy Kiely takes a look at its scope, context and potential impact 

19 February 2021 / Timothy Kiely

Bon Vivant


Lowlifes and high times

Life at the criminal Bar or the product of an irresistible creative impulse? 

By Ben Mills 

25 February 2021 / Ben Mills

Volunteer responder

A barrister’s experience of volunteering in a London hospital during the pandemic 

By Stephen Page 

23 February 2021 / Stephen Page

Barrister's best: Sir Rupert Jackson

Classics and the law: coming full circle, Sir Rupert Jackson shares his cultural life and times 

11 February 2021 / Sir Rupert Jackson

Secret E-Diary

Eerie reminders of the first lockdown

22 January 2021

Book review: Data Protection: Law and Practice (fifth edition)

By Rosemary Jay 

Published by Sweet & Maxwell (2020) 

ISBN  978-0414070967 

Reviewed by Anya Proops QC  

22 January 2021 / Anya Proops QC

Chambers Announcements

Chambers People

Calling all barristers... are you considering a move?

01 January 2021

Castle Gate Chambers

Castle Gate Chambers congratulate Andrew Vout QC on his appointment to Silk.

01 February 2021

Doughty Street Chambers

Doughty Street Chambers is delighted to announce the appointment of Emma Goodall, Maya Sikand, Jamie Burton and Adam Straw to Queen's Counsel 

17 February 2021
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