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‘True equality alongside excellence’: Jason Pitter KC

The North Eastern Circuit Leader on his trailblazing career, turbulent early years of practice and his mission to equip all barristers, regardless of their characteristics, with the opportunity to thrive. Interview by Glenn Parsons  

13 November 2023 / Glenn Parsons

Lessons learnt: Hearing voices and being at the Bar...

Karen Squibb-Williams – a barrister with an extensive and, in some ways, unique experience of the Bar – shares her lessons learnt 

13 November 2023 / Karen Squibb-Williams

Lessons learnt: The black belt barrister

How a dobok changed perceptions, innovative self-marketing and being a mum at the Bar – Sarah Robson shares her lessons learnt 

13 October 2023 / Sarah Robson

Reflections as LCJ: Lord Burnett of Maldon

The Lord Chief Justice 2017-23 reflects on the defining decisions of his six reforming years with six Lord Chancellors. Interview by Anthony Inglese 

11 October 2023 / Anthony Inglese CB

‘Talent on its own is not enough’: Barbara Mills KC

The Vice Chair-elect of the Bar talks to Michael V Sternberg KC about her election (and how she got there), why it is now time to raise the voice of the Family Bar, and her continued drive for equality, diversity and inclusion 

11 September 2023 / Michael V Sternberg KC KCFO

Practice Toolset


Michael Scott’s reflections on complaints handling

David Etherington KC talks to Michael Scott about his experiences as Lay Complaints’ Commissioner for the Bar 1997-2006 

13 November 2023 / David Etherington KC

Standing out in the online legal crowd

Fifty chambers’ websites have been analysed and the results are in… Tim Sheed reveals design trends and opportunities to differenitiate 

13 November 2023 / Tim Sheed

Develop an international practice

Growing your junior practice via international conference and how to fund the trip: Daria Gleyze, Emile Simpson and Sajid Suleman share what they gained from the ChBA BVI Conference 

13 November 2023 / Daria Gleyze / Emile Simpson / Sajid Suleman

Appraisals as a tool for change

Don Turner explains how a good staff appraisal system can bring growth to your practice team, align it with chambers’ goals and help tackle any difficult components 

13 November 2023 / Donald Turner

30 years of Keble: a legacy in advocacy

As the Keble Dutton advanced advocacy course celebrates its 30th anniversary, Bibi Badejo reflects on the course’s impact 

13 November 2023 / Bibi Badejo

Justice Matters


The timing of call

The long-term future of our profession depends on us finding the right stage to call people to the Bar, say Nick Vineall KC and Fallon Alexis

08 December 2023 / Nick Vineall KC / Fallon Alexis

Keeping inquests inquisitorial

Two years on, there remains limited awareness of the standards required for those practising in the Coroners' Courts and the accompanying resources, say Tim Suter and Sophie Cartwright KC  

08 December 2023 / Tim Suter / Sophie Cartwright KC

Robot art – whose IP is it anyway?

The law will have to radically adapt to the way new digital technologies are changing not only the use and exploitation of property but even its definition, writes Nick De Marco KC 

13 November 2023 / Nick De Marco KC

Bringing Putin to Justice (2)

In the second of a two-part series considering whether the International Criminal Court’s approach is unlawful, James Onalaja explores Head of State immunity and suggests an alternative approach to Putin’s arrest warrant 

13 November 2023 / James Onalaja

Right to strike

The Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Act 2023 introduces unprecedented restrictions on the right to strike. Laurene Veale looks at the Act’s compliance with human rights law and the practical difficulties it presents for unions 

13 November 2023 / Laurene Veale

Bon Vivant


Secret E-Diary

Temple revisited. By William Byfield 

13 October 2023 / William Byfield

Barrister's best: David Wurtzel

A cultural life and times

11 October 2023 / David Wurtzel

Islam, Astronomy & Arabic Print Exhibition at Middle Temple Library

Curator Fariha Sikondari invites barristers to an exhibition taking a rare look at Islamic scholarship and how it shaped the world 

11 September 2023 / Fariha Sikondari

Secret E-Diary

The race that never ends. By William Byfield 

11 September 2023 / William Byfield

Barrister's best: Shereener Browne

The cultural life and times of the barrister, mother, wife and creative who left the Bar to pursue a career as a theatre-maker and actor

07 August 2023 / Shereener Browne

Black Inclusion


The Black Talent Charter and drive for race equity at the Bar

George Floyd would have been astonished to learn that his death had opened the eyes of UK financial and professional leaders to the inequities faced by Black professionals here. But what if he had asked,  Will it actually change anything?’   Harry Matovu KC, Laura Durrant and Olivia Roberts on the Black Talent Charter


RBB’s 10 next steps for an anti-racist justice system

In 2022, the Racial Bias and the Bench report found evidence of institutional racism in the justice system and fundamental flaws in the Judicial Diversity Strategy. Change is coming and all judges and lawyers can help revitalise the rule of law by implementing RBB’s 10 anti-racist recommendations, say Keir Monteith KC and Professor Leslie Thomas KC


The art of perseverance and advantages of rejection

A story of rejection, self-improvement and finding one’s forte in the process, by Olufemi Awodele

13 February 2023 / Olufemi Awodele

Black inclusion and the Commercial Bar

Uncomfortable as it is, every barrister is invited to read this report and to reflect on how things need to change. The experiences and views shared confidentially by Black barristers are powerful and very challenging, write Krista Lee KC, Gary Pryce and Brie Stevens-Hoare KC


Building on Sowande’s legacy

This month ASPIRE – as part of its mission to improve the visibility and advancement of Black lawyers – hosted a performance of Just an Ordinary Lawyer,  a moving retrospective of the life of Tunji Sowande, with a Q&A and networking. Report by Earl Pinnock and Thomas Schofield

28 October 2022 / Earl Pinnock / Thomas Schofield

Bar Students

COMBAR mentoring scheme for underrepresented groups

The 2023-24 COMBAR mentoring scheme for underrepresented groups is now open for applications - deadline extended to 12 October 2023  

25 September 2023 / COMBAR

Why being a barrister is the best job in the world (or what you need to know going in)

Newly minted Bar graduates compete at a ratio of 300:1 for a golden ticket to Wonka’s Criminal Justice Factory. The Secret Barrister explains why…

01 September 2021 / The Secret Barrister

The Bar qualification rules

The Bar Standards Board on what you need to know about training to become a barrister in England and Wales

01 September 2021 / Bar Standards Board

Choosing a Bar course

Laurence Cooper explores the high-stakes world of choosing a Bar training course provider

01 September 2021 / Laurence Cooper

The finance factor

How to fund training is often a student’s biggest concern. Here, Rose Malleson takes a look at the types of scholarship and financing options available

01 September 2021 / Rose Malleson
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