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Making it count: Mary Prior QC

‘Permitting vulnerable people to be heard is a difficult role, but I have so much joy from it.’ Mary Prior QC shares life lessons with Aadhithya Anbahan 

03 June 2021 / Aadhithya Anbahan

Professionally Embarrassing

Malvika Jaganmohan and Madeleine Whelan's family law podcast doesn’t shy away from the difficult topics... 


Called to the Baa! Sarah Langford

The barrister-author talks to Chris Henley QC about the parallels between farming and farmers, and the law and barristers, and the dilemmas of combining young children with continued practice at the Bar

02 June 2021 / Chris Henley QC

Meet the Pro Bono Award Winners 2020

Now in its third year, the Bar Pro Bono Awards is already a firm fixture in the legal awards calendar. Rebecca Wilkie introduces the inspirational stories behind the awards...  

07 May 2021 / Rebecca Wilkie

Dieu et mon droit

A fictionalised account of hidden battles during an ‘ordinary’ court day. By Rehna Azim 

06 May 2021 / Rehna Azim

Practice Toolset


Litigation PR: read all about it

An introduction to the world of reputation management and litigation communications. By Anthony Eskander

15 June 2021 / Anthony Eskander
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Industry insight: the court of public opinion

What is litigation PR and what does it have to do with barristers anyway? Q&A with Tim Maltin, Chief Executive of Maltin PR

15 June 2021 / Tim Maltin

Find the connection

Kim Tasso explains how to build rapport and fix ruptured relationships in the digital space

11 June 2021 / Kim Tasso

Why you need great content

As the Bar builds back, Douglas McPherson explains how barristers can benefit from investing their time to produce unique and valuable content

11 June 2021 / Douglas McPherson

To tweet or not to tweet…

Practical guidance for barristers and clerks looking to leverage social media to optimise brand awareness and increase instructions. By Catherine Bailey

07 June 2021 / Catherine Bailey

Justice Matters

Grenfell: lessons learnt

On the fourth anniversary of a tragic fire that claimed 72 lives, Sailesh Mehta outlines four key lessons 

14 June 2021 / Sailesh Mehta

Meaningful sanctions and priority action

Ensuring the sanctions guidance is fit for purpose is just one of the many challenges that confront women at the Bar, writes Francesca O'Neill

11 June 2021 / Francesca O'Neill

Exploited and convicted: restoring 'good' character

How do we correctly acknowledge victimhood in our criminal justice system? asks Nicholas Hall 

03 June 2021 / Nicholas Hall

Making s 28 more flexible and effective

With vulnerable complainants and witnesses ensnared in the Crown Court backlog, potentially for years, Laura Hoyano and John Riley put forward proposals to reduce the attrition rate while enabling justice to be done when cases finally get to trial

01 June 2021 / Laura Hoyano / John Riley

We need to continue to talk about race: one year on

If the Bar is complacent on the issue of race, then we will perpetuate the same racial inequities that continue to pervade our society, writes Professor Leslie Thomas QC 

Bon Vivant


Witness for The Prosecution (1957)

One of our most notable courtroom dramas is also a useful illustration of a barrister’s craft, writes David Langwallner

02 June 2021 / David Langwallner

The redress of art and poetry

Marking Mental Health Awareness Week, and publication of the National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance's latest guide for prison staff, Tim Kiely looks at access to creative activity and how essential it is to the wellbeing of people in prison 

09 May 2021 / Timothy Kiely

Secret E-Diary

In memoriam 

01 May 2021 / William Byfield

Book review: Clustered Injustice and the Level Green

By Luke Clements, ISBN 9781913648077, Legal Action Group (December 2020)

Reviewed by Stephen Simblet QC 

01 April 2021 / Stephen Simblet QC

Secret E-Diary

When a sentence is a paragraph 

30 March 2021 / William Byfield

Black Lives Matter


We need to continue to talk about race: one year on

If the Bar is complacent on the issue of race, then we will perpetuate the same racial inequities that continue to pervade our society, writes Professor Leslie Thomas QC 


A change has gotta come

Glenn Parsons takes a snapshot of diversity and inclusion at the Bar in 2021 – and shares what barristers on the North Eastern Circuit are doing to make lasting change happen  

23 February 2021 / Glenn Parsons

Meet the Bar’s first reverse mentor and mentee

The pilot scheme’s first pairing, Elisha Lindsay  and Paul Stanley QC , share their thoughts on the BSB’s reverse mentoring initiative and what they have learned from each other so far

08 January 2021

No place for systemic racism

How systemic racism affects the Bar, an audit of the profession’s progress so far, and the structural, cultural and personal change required for meaningful action 

By  Amit Popat  

30 November 2020 / Amit Popat

Barristers look like... Alexandra Wilson

Tackling ‘isms’ from the inside and making global headlines – a remarkable young barrister shares her experience of defying the odds, breaking into an elite profession and challenging attitudes to race and class in the justice system 

By Alexandra Wilson  

30 November 2020 / Alexandra Wilson

Chambers Announcements

Offshore law: the view from the Caribbean

Why barristers are taking their practice offshore: a Q and A with Charlotte Morrish, former barrister and now legal recruiter at SteppingStones Legal

15 June 2021 / Charlotte Morrish

Discounted webinars for the Bar

In partnership with the Bar Council, LexisNexis is offering up to 60% off its extensive webinar offering.

07 June 2021

National Lawyer and LM1 Opportunities

Are you a talented lawyer from a criminal law background looking to take the next step in your career?Find your Prosecutor opportunity at the CPS now!

12 May 2021

CIArb Roebuck Lecture 2021

'The impact of the Singapore Mediation Convention, both on mediation and arbitration' to be delivered by Hon Lady Justice Joyce Aluoch EBS CBS MCIArb, (Rtd) Judge, Certified International Mediator

09 May 2021

A career in governance

Making a move from the Bar to a career in governance: Maria Brookes outlines three good reasons to switch and how to do it

30 March 2021 / Maria Brookes
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