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Northern Powerhouses: Sally Harrison KC, Sam Hillas KC and Nikki Saxton KC

Jenna Lucas meets the financial remedy silks to find out how each forged their path to silk and brought led money work back to the Northern Bar – along with the responsibility that brings and the importance of a side hustle 

10 June 2024 / Jenna Lucas

Northern Irish at heart: Lord Stephens

‘The Bar is a treadmill. It is important to raise your eyes and look ahead,’ says Lord Stephens who gave himself five years to make it as a barrister. Now a Supreme Court Justice, he gives Anthony Inglese CB a fascinating insight into life and practice in Northern Ireland as well as the UK’s top court 

10 June 2024 / Anthony Inglese CB

Bar to politics: Robert Courts KC MP

Every day in his job as Solicitor General and MP, Robert Courts leans on his experience at the Bar. He talks to Anthony Inglese CB about his time in practice and how life changed overnight when he became an MP 

10 June 2024 / Anthony Inglese CB

Lessons learnt: Embracing the unknown

Heading into a career in law was uncharted territory for Gaynor Wood and this had a very important upside – the general counsel and BACFI Chair shares 30 years’ lessons learnt at the employed Bar 

10 June 2024 / Gaynor Wood

Restoring faith: Marina Wheeler KC

The ‘non-party political’ employment silk advising Labour talks to Stephanie Hayward about employer failure to tackle workplace sexual harassment and the urgent need to reinvent whistleblowing culture 

13 May 2024 / Stephanie Hayward

Practice Toolset


Sikhs in Law

Baldip Singh, founder of Sikhs in Law, explains how the association is nurturing legal minds and seeing an outstanding level of interest in its forward-thinking events 

10 June 2024 / Baldip Singh

Strategies for seminar success

Marketing initiatives such as seminars remain popular among barristers and chambers but is the investment truly worthwhile? Heidi Smith explores how to maximise ROI 

10 June 2024 / Heidi Smith

Reviews, inquiries and reviewing inquiries

With terminology often used loosely in this arena, Kate Brunner KC and Lana Murphy – fresh from their experience in the Isle of Man COVID Review – examine the principal differences as well as ongoing criticism of the existing inquiries regime 

10 June 2024 / Kate Brunner KC / Lana Murphy

Litigation in a foreign language

How best to prepare for your foreign language clients to ensure fairness and avoid strike out? The onus is on counsel to be alive to language issues, says Oliver Foy, who offers a cautionary case and practical tips 

10 June 2024 / Oliver Foy

What next for justice?

After a break last year, Bar Conference is back with a new format and packed agenda. Join colleagues in person on Saturday 8 June in London, with welcome drinks on the Friday evening 

13 May 2024 / The Bar Council

Justice Matters


Nature, climate change and directors’ duties

Nature-related risks including climate change should be firmly on board agendas, say Sharif A. Shivji KC, Rebecca Stubbs KC, James Burton, Karl Anderson and Hossein Sharafi who have conducted a landmark review of directors’ duties under English law


Same-sex marriage in Bermuda and pro bono

Anna Hoffmann talks with Dr Leo Raznovich, Alex Potts KC and solicitor members of the pro bono legal team about their intervention in Ferguson v UK . They cover the case’s significance with a view to helping others considering similar human rights litigation

Analysing class at the Bar

If we can understand class at the Bar more accurately, we will be more effective when analysing – and combatting – classism, says Alex Benn

10 June 2024 / Alex Benn

The concept of an international anti-corruption court

Reality or pipe dream? Drawing on personal experience fighting grand corruption in Nigeria, Dr Charles Adeogun-Phillips makes the case for an international anti-corruption court (IACC)


Domestic drone harms

As drones move from the military space into domestic, commercial and hobbyist iterations, Louise Hooper and Dr Anna Jackman examine the cross-practice challenges for lawyers

10 June 2024 / Louise Hooper / Dr Anna Jackman

Bon Vivant


Secret E-Diary

Off with their wigs! William Byfield has no objection in principle

10 June 2024 / William Byfield

Book review: The Water is Warm

By Jennifer Stawska (HH Stephen Wildblood KC)

10 June 2024 / Rhys Taylor

Theatre reviews: Witness for the Prosecution; Hadestown; Guys & Dolls

The intrepid Daniel Barnett enjoys a busman’s holiday, hopping off at the underworld and finding his (tapping) feet in neon-lit 1950s New York

10 June 2024 / Daniel Barnett

Secret E-Diary

Tales from the dark arts of advocacy. By William Byfield 

13 May 2024 / William Byfield

Black Inclusion


A ‘10K Black Interns’ experience at the Bar

Championing underrepresented talent, 10K Black Interns 2024 is open for applications. Mentee Tendai Chiguvare and mentor Anna Walsh share their experience of the summer internship scheme at the Bar 

19 February 2024 / Tendai Chiguvare / Anna Walsh

Black women at the Bar: challenges faced and a fairer future

Bibi Badejo reports from a packed Inns of Court Women’s Alliance event examining the experiences of Black women barristers and imparting crucial advice for Black women navigating the legal profession 

19 February 2024 / Bibi Badejo

Fair recruitment at the Bar

Ensuring recruitment processes are fair, and free from bias, is essential to drive diversity at the Bar. Bindi Dholakia and Rachel Krys examine the theory and practice 

19 February 2024 / Bindi Dholakia / Rachel Krys

‘True equality alongside excellence’: Jason Pitter KC

The North Eastern Circuit Leader on his trailblazing career, turbulent early years of practice and his mission to equip all barristers, regardless of their characteristics, with the opportunity to thrive. Interview by Glenn Parsons  

13 November 2023 / Glenn Parsons

‘Talent on its own is not enough’: Barbara Mills KC

The Vice Chair-elect of the Bar talks to Michael V Sternberg KC about her election (and how she got there), why it is now time to raise the voice of the Family Bar, and her continued drive for equality, diversity and inclusion 

11 September 2023 / Michael V Sternberg KC KCFO

AI and the Bar

Deepfake elections

Alex Goodman KC on why our electoral laws need an urgent upgrade – they were not designed to address the corruption of popular opinion by AI and deepfakes 

13 May 2024 / Alex Goodman KC

Regulating AI – how will it work?

The reluctance of governments to set agreed universal standards will inevitably mean that regulators have to fill the gap, says Sara Ibrahim. How are UK regulators preparing and what are the issues facing practitioners? 

13 May 2024 / Sara Ibrahim

JudicialTech: friend or foe?

Jeremy Barnett and David Ormerod CBE KC (Hon) explore the emerging technologies and principles at stake 


Copyright protection in the online world

With AI models the subject of litigation worldwide, courts are grappling with what copyright protects, what it should  protect, and how. Mark Wilden reports 

19 February 2024 / Mark Wilden

The justice of artificial intelligence

The UK can be proud to have hosted the Bletchley AI Safety Summit but there is so much more to be done to make AI safe, secure and trustworthy, say Robin Allen KC and Dee Masters 

15 January 2024 / Robin Allen KC / Dee Masters

Bar Students


Who gets pupillage?

The Bar Council crunches the data to tell the real story of who gets pupillage... and when 

01 September 2023 / The Bar Council

Why being a barrister is the best job in the world (or what you need to know going in)

Newly minted Bar graduates compete at a ratio of 300:1 for a golden ticket to Wonka’s Criminal Justice Factory. The Secret Barrister explains why…

01 September 2021 / The Secret Barrister

The Bar qualification rules

The Bar Standards Board on what you need to know about training to become a barrister in England and Wales

01 September 2021 / Bar Standards Board

Choosing a Bar course

Laurence Cooper explores the high-stakes world of choosing a Bar training course provider

01 September 2021 / Laurence Cooper

The finance factor

How to fund training is often a student’s biggest concern. Here, Rose Malleson takes a look at the types of scholarship and financing options available

01 September 2021 / Rose Malleson
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