Black Inclusion


The Black Talent Charter and drive for race equity at the Bar

George Floyd would have been astonished to learn that his death had opened the eyes of UK financial and professional leaders to the inequities faced by Black professionals here. But what if he had asked,  Will it actually change anything?’   Harry Matovu KC, Laura Durrant and Olivia Roberts on the Black Talent Charter


The art of perseverance and advantages of rejection

A story of rejection, self-improvement and finding one’s forte in the process, by Olufemi Awodele

13 February 2023 / Olufemi Awodele

RBB’s 10 next steps for an anti-racist justice system

In 2022, the Racial Bias and the Bench report found evidence of institutional racism in the justice system and fundamental flaws in the Judicial Diversity Strategy. Change is coming and all judges and lawyers can help revitalise the rule of law by implementing RBB’s 10 anti-racist recommendations, say Keir Monteith KC and Professor Leslie Thomas KC


Black inclusion and the Commercial Bar

Uncomfortable as it is, every barrister is invited to read this report and to reflect on how things need to change. The experiences and views shared confidentially by Black barristers are powerful and very challenging, write Krista Lee KC, Gary Pryce and Brie Stevens-Hoare KC


Building on Sowande’s legacy

This month ASPIRE – as part of its mission to improve the visibility and advancement of Black lawyers – hosted a performance of Just an Ordinary Lawyer,  a moving retrospective of the life of Tunji Sowande, with a Q&A and networking. Report by Earl Pinnock and Thomas Schofield

28 October 2022 / Earl Pinnock / Thomas Schofield

10,000 Black Interns and the Bar

This Summer 2020, 24 Black graduates will be offered internships by over 70 sets of chambers. Here, Dawid Konotey-Ahulu – the barrister turned investment banker, entrepreneur and co-founder of 10KBI – explains why the mission was so compelling for him

10 February 2022 / Dawid Konotey-Ahulu

Buying power in the drive for diversity

Putting forward a diverse legal team is no longer ‘preferred’ and the ‘right thing to do’ – it is fast becoming ‘essential’. How law firms and their clients are using spend to help drive change, by David Stone

07 February 2022 / David Stone

Race at the Bar: the time is now

This is our stand up moment: Barbara Mills QC and Simon Regis on the landmark report’s key findings and what the Bar must do to remove the systemic obstacles faced by many barristers from ethnic minority communities

07 January 2022 / Barbara Mills KC / Simon Regis

The anti-racist chambers

Raggi Kotak and Laurie-Anne Power on the positive actions chambers can take to support a more racially inclusive environment

21 December 2021 / Raggi Kotak / Laurie-Anne Power

The antiracist court

Racial disparity and racism can impact experiences in the courtroom; Abimbola Johnson has some constructive solutions on how we can effectively challenge it

12 November 2021 / Abimbola Johnson
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