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‘True equality alongside excellence’: Jason Pitter KC

The North Eastern Circuit Leader on his trailblazing career, turbulent early years of practice and his mission to equip all barristers, regardless of their characteristics, with the opportunity to thrive. Interview by Glenn Parsons  

13 November 2023 / Glenn Parsons

Lessons learnt: Hearing voices and being at the Bar...

Karen Squibb-Williams – a barrister with an extensive and, in some ways, unique experience of the Bar – shares her lessons learnt 

13 November 2023 / Karen Squibb-Williams

Lessons learnt: The black belt barrister

How a dobok changed perceptions, innovative self-marketing and being a mum at the Bar – Sarah Robson shares her lessons learnt 

13 October 2023 / Sarah Robson

Reflections as LCJ: Lord Burnett of Maldon

The Lord Chief Justice 2017-23 reflects on the defining decisions of his six reforming years with six Lord Chancellors. Interview by Anthony Inglese 

11 October 2023 / Anthony Inglese CB

‘Talent on its own is not enough’: Barbara Mills KC

The Vice Chair-elect of the Bar talks to Michael V Sternberg KC about her election (and how she got there), why it is now time to raise the voice of the Family Bar, and her continued drive for equality, diversity and inclusion 

11 September 2023 / Michael V Sternberg KC KCFO

Shifting the dial: Elaine Banton

Her first employment win as a young teenager helped to secure pay parity for the Windrush nurses and Elaine Banton continues to advocate for equality 

11 September 2023 / Elaine Banton

Barrister at heart: Nisha Katona

Not the first to switch between law and food, but Nisha Katona is a rarity, leaving at the height of her legal career and fast becoming a household name. The family barrister turned restaurateur talks to Sam Hillas KC

07 August 2023 / Sam Hillas KC

Lessons learnt: Getting in the zone

Channelling nerves, the importance of outside interests, and ‘paying it back’. Charles Bagot KC shares his lessons learnt as a barrister, judge and competitive swimmer 

07 August 2023 / Charles Bagot KC

Meet the Bar Pro Bono Award Winners 2022

In the final part of a three-part series, the winners of Advocate’s Bar Pro Bono Awards reveal how pro bono plays a rewarding, life-changing and career-building part of their practice

07 August 2023

Lessons learnt: Renewing our perceptions

A myriad of options await: barrister and entrepreneur Morag Ofili’s lessons learnt 

10 July 2023 / Morag Ofili
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