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Chair of the Bar 2022: Mark Fenhalls QC

As we face 2022, the profession feels restless, the job feels relentless but we are in good hands: our new yet seasoned leader talks to Joanna Hardy-Susskind about his concerns and ambitions for the Bar, and how we protect this ‘truly precious, national asset’

07 January 2022 / Joanna Hardy-Susskind

Lessons learnt: Everyday rights – spreading the word

With many still not seeing legal rights as ‘theirs’ to claim, Christian Weaver reflects on levels of knowledge, faith and hope in the law

14 December 2021 / Christian Weaver

The law’s a stage: Clive Coleman

The barrister turned comedy writer, broadcaster and journalist talks to Joel Semakula about the legal thread that runs through his many careers and the inspiration he continues to draw from the courtroom

14 December 2021 / Joel Semakula

Barriers & balance: Zira Hussain

Zira Hussain shares a family barrister’s day in the life – breaking barriers, turning disadvantage into advantage, and fighting for abuse victims

29 November 2021 / Zira Hussain

Order out of chaos: Professor Jane Monckton-Smith

Upskilling courts with a more forensic approach to domestic abuse, Professor Monckton-Smith talks to Laurence Cooper about her groundbreaking research, identifying patterns of coercive control and use of the homicide timeline

09 November 2021 / Laurence Cooper

Lessons learnt: Survive, adapt, overcome

Despite our problems, the Bar remains a vibrant, growing and increasingly diverse profession of people who really make a difference – with some healthy reinvention and mutual support along the way, writes Theo Huckle QC

09 November 2021 / Theo Huckle QC

The essence of advocacy: Lord Pannick QC

In a rare interview, Lord Pannick QC, the barrister at the centre of some of the most critical legal debates this country has seen, reflects on his own role in the theatre of law, celebrates the art of persuasion and discusses his upcoming Hamlyn Lectures. Interview by Anthony Inglese CB

04 November 2021 / Anthony Inglese CB

Lessons learnt: A barrister’s personal development

In a profession which can be attached to, and defined by, archaic stereotypes, how to be yourself, explore new areas and own your own time? Here are Lennart Poulsen's 'lessons learnt'...

08 October 2021 / Lennart Poulsen

Treasury Solicitor: Susanna McGibbon

With a mission statement to ‘help the government govern well, within the rule of law’, what are the priorities for the Treasury Solicitor now leading the GLD? Susanna McGibbon talks to Anthony Inglese

06 October 2021 / Anthony Inglese CB

Eyes wide open: the DA Commissioner, Nicole Jacobs

Two years in, the first Domestic Abuse Commissioner for England and Wales talks to Natasha Isaac about getting the sector from survival to thrive mode, the critical role of IDVAs and ISVAs, and her desire to work with the Bar

01 October 2021 / Natasha Isaac
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