Desiree Artesi

Desiree Artesi

Desiree Artesi of Thomas More Chambers specialises in Privy Council appeals and constitutional and administrative law. She is an affiliate expert at the Centre for Law and Social Justice at Leeds University; a member of the Code Adjudication Panel of the Phone Paid Authority, and a member of the Editorial Board of Counsel Magazine. She is a Master of the Bench of Inner Temple. Desiree is an equity champion on issues affecting black barristers and a mentor to young people from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds irrespective of race.

Articles by this author

Right person, right time, right job: an exit interview with Amanda Pinto QC

An exit interview with Amanda Pinto QC, Chair of the Bar for 2020. Roundly praised by Bar rank and file for her leadership during an incredible year, she takes an unusual breather to talk to Desiree Artesi about the milestone moments of her tenure

30 November 2020

The Modern Bar: our work and our role

Reports from the Annual and Young Bar Conference 2019

18 December 2019

Potential difference: Dame Linda Dobbs


We need to have a different conversation if we’re serious about recruiting more black judges: our first non-white High Court judge deliberates on new sources of potential, energised diversity efforts and coaxing out reluctant role models 

30 May 2019

Ring out!

Five enthusiasts from Bar and Bench share the bell-ringing appeal with Counsel. From ‘Oranges and Lemons’ to wedding bells, it’s an enchanting sound and an extraordinary pastime, mixing camaraderie, mental agility and physical exercise

19 March 2019

Interview: Attorney General Geoffrey Cox QC MP

Desiree Artesi sits down with the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox QC MP in the week the Prime Minister was poised to lay the draft Brexit deal before Parliament

13 December 2018

Making it stick: Diversity & inclusion at the Bar

Looking out, looking in: in a interview with Gary Younge, The Guardian’s editor-at-large, Desiree Artesi explores diversity solutions and the Bar’s parallels with the media sector

31 August 2018

#CallitOut: Why are BME barristers more likely to be pursued by the BSB?

BME barristers are disproportionately represented throughout the complaints process and more likely to have complaints upheld. Desiree Artesi investigates

25 May 2018

Leading the way on ethics

Is the Bar still a stand-out example of adherence to high ethical standards? Desiree Artesi discusses the practicalities of professional ethics with Andrew Walker QC

It is a truth universally acknowledged (but never out loud) that an individual barrister, hemmed in by increased competition and, in some areas of law, decreased fees, must be in want of time to observe certain professional ethics.

20 December 2016
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Annual Bar Conference 2016: Entrenching privilege?

The impact of the unregulated elements of barrister training

Gemma De Cordova spoke about the opportunities available by way of the third-six route. 

21 November 2016
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