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Legal drug testing: how to interpret the results

Kate West discusses how best to interpret a drug test report, and the common misconceptions about what can be learnt from a drug test

27 June 2022 / Kate West

Drug testing – and ways people try to cheat the system

Ashley Hodgkinson looks at drug testing methods and some of the most common ways people try to cheat a drug test

10 June 2022 / Ashley Hodgkinson

New Director of Clerking at Clerksroom – as Matthew Wildish joins from 3PB

Clerksroom Chambers has recruited Matthew Wildish from 3 Paper Buildings (3PB) to a newly created position of Director of Clerking. Matthew joined the team at Clerksroom on 1 June

08 June 2022

Financial advice fees must be transparent...

... have you seen through yours? asks Julian Morgan 

01 June 2022 / Julian Morgan

Temple Church Female Choral Scholarships Academic Year 2022/23

Opportunity for female sopranos/contraltos in secondary education, or who have recently finished secondary education but have not yet begun tertiary education. Eligibility includes children of members of the Bar

11 May 2022
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Drug and alcohol tests: client care

Fear of the collection and test process is a common factor among clients, especially among vulnerable adults in complex family law cases. Cansford Laboratories shares some tips to help the testing process run as smoothly as possible 

09 May 2022 / Cansford Laboratories

Complex relationship DNA tests: which test is best?

Casey Randall explains how complex relationship DNA tests can best be used – and interpreted – by counsel

25 April 2022 / Casey Randall

Immigration DNA testing

Casey Randall, Head of DNA at AlphaBiolabs, explores what barristers need to know about DNA testing for immigration, including when a client might wish to submit DNA evidence, and which relationship tests are best for immigration applications

04 April 2022 / Casey Randall

The top five tax year-end opportunities

Julian Morgan reminds barristers of the top five areas to consider before 5 April

14 February 2022 / Julian Morgan
Casey Randall, Head of DNA and Covid at AlphaBiolabs

AlphaBiolabs first in UK to receive UKAS accreditation for prenatal paternity testing

News comes as demand for prenatal paternity tests surges by 47% versus pre-pandemic levels 

14 February 2022 / AlphaBiolabs
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