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On the brink of collapse? The family law system in 2021

The family law system is in crisis and a failure to recognise it as such demeans the Herculean efforts of all involved, writes Celestine Greenwood, an exhausted family practitioner

23 September 2021 / Celestine Greenwood

‘Virginity testing’, hymen surgery and misogyny: what should the law do?

Riel Karmy-Jones QC and Alex Benn examine the question of true consent and whether the law, criminal or otherwise, should allow anyone to perform or undergo hymen surgery if it is not a medical necessity

21 September 2021 / Riel Karmy-Jones QC / Alex Benn

Jobs and homes – a journey through the civil justice system

David Renton charts 12 months of civil law in lockdown: the gap between employment and housing law keeps getting wider

01 September 2021 / David Renton

DPAs for the masses: the rehabilitative approach

Politicians 'getting tough on crime' should note two pioneering, results-based, rehabilitative schemes in Durham and Hertfordshire which are slashing reoffending rates, write Tori Adams and Siân Beaven

01 September 2021 / Tori Adams / Siân Beaven

Behind the Five Eyes

An analysis of the Five Eyes Intelligence Organization, its continued significance in international law and order, and relevance to the Bar. By Dr Anthony R Wells

20 July 2021 / Dr Anthony R Wells

Changing the picture: diversity at silk level

Exclusive statistical analysis: Barbara Mills QC outlines how the deeply unhelpful, homogenous BAME acronym is masking the true extent and systemic nature of the Bar’s diversity problem

02 July 2021 / Barbara Mills QC

The COVID Inquiry: what we should expect

As we await the detail of the ‘full and independent inquiry’ to which the Prime Minister has committed, Theo Huckle QC, Nick Brown and Frederick Powell look back at the successes and failures of other key inquiries and what we can learn from them.

The ICC, the Rome Statute and crimes against the LGBT community

Mind the gap: Christina Warner looks at LGBT+ protections, legislative ambiguities and chinks in the ICC framework

25 June 2021 / Christina Warner

Grenfell: lessons learnt

On the fourth anniversary of a tragic fire that claimed 72 lives, Sailesh Mehta outlines four key lessons 

14 June 2021 / Sailesh Mehta

Meaningful sanctions and priority action

Ensuring the sanctions guidance is fit for purpose is just one of the many challenges that confront women at the Bar, writes Francesca O'Neill

11 June 2021 / Francesca O'Neill
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