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The timing of call

The long-term future of our profession depends on us finding the right stage to call people to the Bar, say Nick Vineall KC and Fallon Alexis

08 December 2023 / Nick Vineall KC / Fallon Alexis

Keeping inquests inquisitorial

Two years on, there remains limited awareness of the standards required for those practising in the Coroners' Courts and the accompanying resources, say Tim Suter and Sophie Cartwright KC  

08 December 2023 / Tim Suter / Sophie Cartwright KC

Robot art – whose IP is it anyway?

The law will have to radically adapt to the way new digital technologies are changing not only the use and exploitation of property but even its definition, writes Nick De Marco KC 

13 November 2023 / Nick De Marco KC

Bringing Putin to Justice (2)

In the second of a two-part series considering whether the International Criminal Court’s approach is unlawful, James Onalaja explores Head of State immunity and suggests an alternative approach to Putin’s arrest warrant 

13 November 2023 / James Onalaja

Right to strike

The Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Act 2023 introduces unprecedented restrictions on the right to strike. Laurene Veale looks at the Act’s compliance with human rights law and the practical difficulties it presents for unions 

13 November 2023 / Laurene Veale

The judicial afterlife

Patrick O’Brien and Ben Yong on the changing face of judicial retirement 

13 November 2023 / Patrick O’Brien / Ben Yong

Gendered bullying and social media

In 2022 Behind the Gown asked the Bar Standards Board to acknowledge online misogyny and sexism. One year on, the regulator’s revised Social Media Guidance doesn’t go far enough in confronting this issue, say Stephanie Hayward and Charlotte Proudman 


Consent and belief in consent

Has Parliament crossed the Rubicon with s 75A of the Serious Crime Act 2015? HHJ Emma Nott and John Simmons examine this statutory precedent that has largely gone unremarked and its wider implications 

13 November 2023 / HHJ Emma Nott / John Simmons

Whistling in the wind: the Letby case

Catherine Hobby highlights the dangers of a defensive culture in an organisation and the need for effective protection for whistleblowing 

13 November 2023 / Catherine Hobby

The Family Court and domestic abuse

Natasha Isaac speaks to the Domestic Abuse Commissioner Nicole Jacobs to hear first-hand what her hopes are after publication of the critical report calling for cultural change in the Family Court 

13 October 2023 / Natasha Isaac
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