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Why every business needs to care about the menopause

It’s an inevitable life stage for over half the working population, so why – still – the stigma and disregard? Sally Robertson on the impact on business and equality, and the arguments for making the menopause a specific protected characteristic

01 June 2022 / Sally Robertson

Return the running of legal aid to lawyers

Structural change brought decline in the quality of legal aid at the same time as the cost tripled – it’s time to return the administration to lawyers, argues Anthony Speaight QC 

01 June 2022 / Anthony Speaight QC

Robotics – the future of surgery

The future of robotics in surgery is likely to hinge on what it enables – does the legal system yet have the tools to protect patients? Conor Dufficy and Finn Stevenson investigate 

01 June 2022 / Conor Dufficy / Finn Stevenson

Do right, fear no one?

Having represented many Davids against many Goliaths over a 30+year career at the publicly funded Bar, renowned silk Professor Leslie Thomas QC critically assesses what the Human Rights Act – currently under challenge – has done for coronial law and equality of arms


How to solve a problem like Brecani?

The case of R v Brecani  has complicated matters for defence lawyers. Emma Fielding talks to gang culture expert, Dr Simon Harding about County Lines, exploitation and modern slavery

11 May 2022 / Emma Fielding

The UK response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis

Should Ukrainian refugees claim asylum in the first safe country they reach? Colin Yeo takes a look at the rights of entry under the international system carefully established by the Refugee Convention versus the UK’s blunt alternative – the Nationality and Borders Bill

11 May 2022 / Colin Yeo

Replacing the Human Rights Act

How did we get from a deep and sensible Independent Human Rights Act Review to a simplistic and self-defeating ‘modern bill of rights’?

11 April 2022 / Professor Nicola Barker

Bringing [Dis]Ability to the Bar

Mary Prior QC profiles the founders of BDABar, Konstantina Nouka and James Ekin, who are determined to improve accessibility, support and inclusivity at the Bar, and dismantle the barriers that disabled aspiring barristers face

11 April 2022 / Mary Prior QC

Why sign up to the FreeBar Charter?

If you’re wondering what you can do today to improve LGBT+ inclusion, consider signing up to the FreeBar Charter. Alice Brighouse, Cameron Stocks and Brie Stevens-Hoare QC explain why


Disinformation and the courtroom: the Moscow show trials

Moscow’s tenuous relationship with the truth now and then – Thomas Grant QC looks back at the last of the so-called ‘show trials’ where courtrooms were used as vehicles for disinformation and legitimisation of oppression

08 April 2022 / Thomas Grant QC
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