Christina Warner

Christina Warner

Christina Warner is a barrister at Goldsmith Chambers.

Articles by this author

The conflict in Ukraine – an international crisis

The atrocities in Ukraine have prompted an international outcry, calling for Putin to be held accountable – Christina Warner explores the legal mechanisms and vast evidential burdens

22 March 2022

COVID’s impact on the welfare of companion animals

With COVID restrictions removed and increasing reports of lockdown companions being abandoned, Christina Warner looks at the impact on Britain’s pandemic pets

24 February 2022

Banning conversion therapy

The psuedo scientific, coercive and abhorrent practice of conversion therapy still remains legal in the UK. Christina Warner investigates

11 February 2022

Daily battles of the differently abled

Inspiring words from barristers with (dis)abilities on dealing with the extra challenges in an already arduous profession and their ideas to improve access: Christina Warner talks to Marisa Cohen, Rachel Barnes and Rebecca Griffiths

14 December 2021

The ICC, the Rome Statute and crimes against the LGBT community

Mind the gap: Christina Warner looks at LGBT+ protections, legislative ambiguities and chinks in the ICC framework

25 June 2021

Women’s safety: attitudes must change

How the tragedy of Sarah Everard became every woman’s story. By Christina Warner

11 May 2021

Draft Domestic Abuse Bill: Progress or pitfall?

The draft Domestic Abuse Bill is dividing opinion. Initially hailed as a step-change, why is it now generating significant backlash? asks Christina Warner

18 April 2019

Court of last resort

As South Africa announces plans to withdraw from the International Criminal Court, Christina Warner looks at the court’s breakthrough cases and new focus on children in conflict, amid challenges to its credibility

Enacted in 1998 and opened in 2002, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has a Herculean task ahead; hearing details of some of the most heinous global conflicts in modern times. 

21 November 2016
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