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‘Firming’ up the Bar

A chambers... in a law firm? The in-house advocacy model re-imagined: Sahar Farooqi and Jonathan Robinshaw explain how it works and where it sits under the Bar umbrella

26 March 2021 / Sahar Farooqi / Jonathan Robinshaw

Secondments: a win/win?

Why 2021 could be a boom time for secondments and a boon for the Bar. By Jamie Clack and Elliott Rogers

24 March 2021 / Jamie Clack / Elliott Rogers

Bar to boardroom: so you want to work in-house?

More than ever, members of the Bar are thinking about in-house roles. How to choose the right job, maximise your chances of securing it, and shine at interview. By Richard Tapp

22 March 2021 / Richard Tapp

Rising up the rankings: an insider's guide

Daniel Kidd lifts the lid on the often-misunderstood legal directory submissions process and explores ways in which chambers and barristers can optimise their ranking strategies

12 March 2021 / Daniel Kidd

Is your ambition driving you in the right direction?

The problem with ambition is when we tie it to the wrong destination... something with which lawyers commonly struggle, says Helen Conway

25 February 2021 / Helen Conway

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Strategic Moves

A career in governance

Making a move from the Bar to a career in governance: Maria Brookes outlines three good reasons to switch and how to do it

Barristers required by international law firm

Chambers People:Exciting and Novel Opportunity

Barristers of the digital future

Ins Rivera explains how speech recognition can help barristers create accurate documentation faster

Chambers People

Calling all barristers... are you considering a move?

Doughty Street Chambers

Doughty Street Chambers is delighted to announce the appointment of Emma Goodall, Maya Sikand, Jamie Burton and Adam Straw to Queen's Counsel

Castle Gate Chambers

Castle Gate Chambers congratulate Andrew Vout QC on his appointment to Silk.

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