Anthony Inglese CB

Anthony Inglese CB

Anthony Inglese CB was head of legal in five Government Legal Departments over a 38-year career, most recently as General Counsel and Solicitor to HM Revenue & Customs. A Bencher of Gray’s Inn, he now trains and mentors lawyers.


Articles by this author


Being SC President: Lord Reed

In a rare interview, Lord Reed talks to Anthony Inglese about fair work distribution, what makes good advocacy and the importance of judicial views being heard respectfully

11 April 2022

Counting blessings: Sir Robert Buckland QC MP

The former Lord Chancellor chats to Anthony Inglese CB about his time as a criminal barrister, his proudest moments in office and another cause very close to his heart – promoting awareness of neurodiversity in all parts of the justice system

09 March 2022

The essence of advocacy: Lord Pannick QC

In a rare interview, Lord Pannick QC, the barrister at the centre of some of the most critical legal debates this country has seen, reflects on his own role in the theatre of law, celebrates the art of persuasion and discusses his upcoming Hamlyn Lectures. Interview by Anthony Inglese CB

04 November 2021

Treasury Solicitor: Susanna McGibbon

With a mission statement to ‘help the government govern well, within the rule of law’, what are the priorities for the Treasury Solicitor now leading the GLD? Susanna McGibbon talks to Anthony Inglese

06 October 2021

Attorney General: Michael Ellis QC MP

From Northampton’s criminal Bar to top legal officer: Michael Ellis, the UK’s first ever maternity leave minister, talks to Anthony Inglese CB about living up to type, getting ‘good things done within the law’, and what he thinks about judges

01 August 2021

Hooked on fraud: Sara Lawson QC

SFO’s General Counsel on the highs (and lows) of complex economic crime investigations and getting more women into fraud law. Interview by Anthony Inglese CB

15 July 2021

Welsh expertise: Lord Lloyd-Jones

The growing influence of Welsh law, language and legal expertise, career ‘lucky breaks’ and what makes good advocacy - the Supreme Court Justice talks to Anthony Inglese CB  

01 May 2021

Principle over policy: Dominic Grieve QC

Unsparing in his criticism, the former Attorney General reflects on recent events in government and his own experience of being chief legal adviser.

Interview by Anthony Inglese CB

26 March 2021

‘Don’t be intimidated’: Dinah Rose QC

The early passion for open justice that brought her to the Bar, thrills and spills of advocacy, and seizing irresistible opportunities for the next chapter: Dinah Rose QC chats to Anthony Inglese

25 February 2021

Law reformer: Lady Arden

The proud Northener and ardent law reformer talks to Anthony Inglese CB about her early years as a company law barrister, custom and practice at the Supreme Court, and supporting the ambition of women and underrepresented groups at the Bar

21 October 2020
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