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Meet the Bar Pro Bono Award Winners 2021

Anthony Speaight QC, Sarah Blackmore and LEDUCATE share the inspirational stories behind their awards...

10 May 2022

Lessons learnt: A judge’s vocation

21/21 vision: Sir Mark Hedley, the retired senior family law judge, shares his lessons learnt from 21 years at the Bar and 21 years on the Bench

10 May 2022 / Sir Mark Hedley

The age of consent: Kate Parker, Jodie Comer, and the Schools Consent Project

The Schools Consent Project (SCP) is educating tens of thousands of teenagers about the law around consent to challenge – and change – what is now endemic behaviour. Here, its founder, barrister Kate Parker talks to Chris Henley QC about SCP’s work and its association with Jodie Comer’s West End play Prima Facie , in which she plays a criminal barrister who is sexually assaulted

09 May 2022 / Chris Henley QC

Being SC President: Lord Reed

In a rare interview, Lord Reed talks to Anthony Inglese about fair work distribution, what makes good advocacy and the importance of judicial views being heard respectfully

11 April 2022 / Anthony Inglese CB

Meet the Bar Pro Bono Award Winners 2021

The inspirational stories behind the awards...

11 April 2022

Practice Toolset


A plan of action for the Young Bar

Following the launch of the Life at the Young Bar  report and a nationwide listening exercise, Michael Polak and Michael Harwood outline the Young Barristers’ Committee’s raft of initiatives designed to address your issues of concern 

12 May 2022 / Michael Polak / Michael Harwood

Valuing the business: tips and traps

Where to look for buried bones? From the world of forensic accountancy, a checklist for barristers on valuing a business asset 

By Michael George and Andrew Donaldson 


DNA: past, present and future

While the fact  of a match can rarely be questioned, the new battleground is over how  and when  DNA got deposited at a crime scene. David Bentley QC and Dr Georgina Meakin analyse the fast-developing role of DNA in criminal prosecutions and challenges therein


Barrister burnout – and ways to beat it

Barristers are particularly at risk of burnout because of the nature of our work and our approach to it – but it doesn’t have to be this way. Jade Bucklow explores how culture, work and lifestyle changes can rejuvinate our mental health...

10 May 2022 / Jade Bucklow

Build your practice as a junior tenant

Emily Mitchell and Kitty Geddes share their top tips to help fledgling junior tenants navigate the exhilarating – and exhausting – early years of practice

10 May 2022 / Emily Mitchell / Kitty Geddes

Justice Matters


How to solve a problem like Brecani?

The case of R v Brecani  has complicated matters for defence lawyers. Emma Fielding talks to gang culture expert, Dr Simon Harding about County Lines, exploitation and modern slavery

11 May 2022 / Emma Fielding

The UK response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis

Should Ukrainian refugees claim asylum in the first safe country they reach? Colin Yeo takes a look at the rights of entry under the international system carefully established by the Refugee Convention versus the UK’s blunt alternative – the Nationality and Borders Bill

11 May 2022 / Colin Yeo

Replacing the Human Rights Act

How did we get from a deep and sensible Independent Human Rights Act Review to a simplistic and self-defeating ‘modern bill of rights’?

11 April 2022 / Professor Nicola Barker

Bringing [Dis]Ability to the Bar

Mary Prior QC profiles the founders of BDABar, Konstantina Nouka and James Ekin, who are determined to improve accessibility, support and inclusivity at the Bar, and dismantle the barriers that disabled aspiring barristers face

11 April 2022 / Mary Prior QC

Why sign up to the FreeBar Charter?

If you’re wondering what you can do today to improve LGBT+ inclusion, consider signing up to the FreeBar Charter. Alice Brighouse, Cameron Stocks and Brie Stevens-Hoare QC explain why

Bon Vivant


Secret E-Diary

Happy ever after?

11 May 2022 / William Byfield

Book review: Spider Woman: a Life

By Lady Hale (Bodley Head: October 2021) ISBN 9781847926593 

Reviewed by John Bowers QC 

11 May 2022 / John Bowers QC

Barrister's best: Michael J Beloff QC

A cultural life and times

11 May 2022 / Michael J Beloff QC

Secret E-Diary

Virtue rewarded

11 April 2022 / William Byfield

Black Lives Matter


10,000 Black Interns and the Bar

This summer, 24 Black graduates will be offered internships by over 70 sets of chambers. Here, Dawid Konotey-Ahulu – the barrister turned investment banker, entrepreneur and co-founder of 10KBI – explains why the mission was so compelling for him

10 February 2022 / Dawid Konotey-Ahulu

Buying power in the drive for diversity

Putting forward a diverse legal team is no longer ‘preferred’ and the ‘right thing to do’ – it is fast becoming ‘essential’. How law firms and their clients are using spend to help drive change, by David Stone

07 February 2022 / David Stone

Race at the Bar: the time is now

This is our stand up moment: Barbara Mills QC and Simon Regis on the landmark report’s key findings and what the Bar must do to remove the systemic obstacles faced by many barristers from ethnic minority communities

07 January 2022 / Barbara Mills QC / Simon Regis

The anti-racist chambers

Raggi Kotak and Laurie-Anne Power on the positive actions chambers can take to support a more racially inclusive environment

21 December 2021 / Raggi Kotak / Laurie-Anne Power

The antiracist court

Racial disparity and racism can impact experiences in the courtroom; Abimbola Johnson has some constructive solutions on how we can effectively challenge it

12 November 2021 / Abimbola Johnson

Chambers Announcements

Temple Church Female Choral Scholarships Academic Year 2022/23

Opportunity for female sopranos/contraltos in secondary education, or who have recently finished secondary education but have not yet begun tertiary education.Eligibility includes children of members of the Bar

11 May 2022

Top five tax-year-end opportunities

Download a FREE guide about the top five tax-year-end opportunities

01 March 2022

Offshore law: the view from the Caribbean

Why barristers are taking their practice offshore: a Q and A with Charlotte Morrish, former barrister and now legal recruiter at SteppingStones Legal

15 June 2021 / Charlotte Morrish

CIArb Roebuck Lecture 2021

'The impact of the Singapore Mediation Convention, both on mediation and arbitration' to be delivered by Hon Lady Justice Joyce Aluoch EBS CBS MCIArb, (Rtd) Judge, Certified International Mediator

09 May 2021

A career in governance

Making a move from the Bar to a career in governance: Maria Brookes outlines three good reasons to switch and how to do it

30 March 2021 / Maria Brookes
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