Whisky - Just Reward

A look at the distillation process of whisky and how to enjoy the perfect dram at the end of a long day in chambers. After a long and arduous working day we all appreciate... read more

A private education

Strategic planning can ease the burden of escalating school and university fees. Elizabeth Davidson considers the financial weaponry on offer There’s no denying the high cost of bringing up children... read more

A classic retold...

The Inner Temple recently put on a rehearsed reading of “Theseus & the Minotaur – What Really Happened”. The playwright, Andrew Caldecott QC, explains the background and the play’s narrator,... read more

The power of The Forgiveness project

Marina Cantacuzino explains the work of The Forgiveness Project One evening back in 2002, local ITV news reported the story of a three-year-old girl who had died in a London hospital after... read more

In the Editor’s Hot Seat…

Stephanie Hawthorne picks out her favourite features from her tenure as Editor read more

Liquid Assets

From investment management to investment madness? Graham Nutter, the owner of the Chateau St Jacques d’Albas vineyard in France, on why and how he got into the wine... read more

Music at the Inns

The Inns are alive with the sound of music. Vanora Bennett explores the world of the other dedicated professionals of the Inns of Court At about five o’clock on any day of the week, the Inns of... read more

Shopping for Wine

Supermarkets now supply the bulk of wine bought for home consumption. Dominic Regan and Seán Jones highlight some of the best champagne and wine. read more

Wear & Tear at the Bar

Suffering from pains or aches? There are three key areas to focus on, advises Christopher Belderbos read more

Wine Lists

Dominic Regan and Sean Jones suggest the best restaurants to visit in order to obtain good wine at a fair price. You have cause to celebrate. Perhaps you have just been... read more