Picture-blogging in the Supreme Court

Blogging artist Isobel Williams on her work in the highest court in the land. Since July 2012 I have been an occasional blogger-with-a-difference in the Supreme Court, with... read more

Please put a penny in the old man’s hat

Sean Jones QC and Professor Dominic Regan give Counsel a tour of the wine around this Christmas There is an enormous range of bottles out there this year. Here are some... read more

Grand Masters

Nicolas Bragge outlines highlights of the colourful life of Master Richard Wakeford VC whose photograph is one of many past Masters on show at the Rolls Building. The... read more

Flying solo

A day in the life of a single mother at the Bar. By Gulshanah Choudhuri A typical day would see me crawling from my bed at around 7am, asking the girls to get up. Once the... read more

Eagles and air shots

In a profession where reputations are prized and seniority is an obsession, the Annual Tournament of the Bar Golfing Society is a great leveller. Simon Goldstone and Guy Williams explain... read more

Writing about what you know

H.H. Judge Peter Murphy talks to Counsel about his novel, A Higher Duty Why write a novel about barristers?  This is really two questions in one, isn’t it? First, why write... read more

Art and the law

The Rolls Building Art & Education Trust has been set up to use art works and historical items to promote awareness of the law and the business-related justice system among young people.... read more

Saving is a Very Fine Thing

Lanying Burley and Mike Fosberry give a round-up of practical advice when investing for children If you are looking to put money aside for your children or... read more

On a different track

Joseph Giret QC took time away from the Bar to compete in the Haute Route on behalf of Parkinson’s UK. He describes his journey ... Charity is a vital part of oiling... read more

The geese are getting fat

Sean Jones QC and Professor Dominic Regan review the wines on offer this Christmas. We are back with a range of recommendations again. Not a dud amongst them. Last year we... read more