The court, in the former Middlesex Guildhall in London’s Parliament Square, has unveiled a series of panels depicting Supreme Courts in nine other countries, including the US, France, South Africa and New Zealand.

More than 23,000 visitors are expected to have visited the court in August and September. Last year, 16,000 people visited in those two months. Guided tours are now available.

A series of events are planned for the summer.

The court will take part in the Open House London weekend (17 and 18 September), during which famous London buildings open their doors to the public for free. Open days were on 26 and 30 August, with two more on 16 and 19 September, during which children follow a quiz trail through the building or try their hand at designing new robes for the Justices.

“With London firmly in the spotlight following the Royal Wedding and in the run-up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we felt our international visitors would appreciate an exhibition that related their own top courts with that of the UK,” said Jenney Rowe, chief executive of the Supreme Court.

“We hope the panels will complement our existing permanent exhibition material on the creation and function of the court, and encourage our growing number of visitors to reflect on the critical role that well-run courts have as part of any civilised society.”