International Bar Association Meeting, Dublin, 30 September - 5 October 2012

The Bar of England and Wales is increasingly well represented at this conference, which now brings together more than 5,000 international practitioners. The Bar Council has been encouraging members for a number of years to take advantage of the significant opportunities to network at this conference, which is attended by over 500 English solicitors and law firms from important jurisdictions who require English law consultancy services which the Bar is well placed to provide.

This year 64 barristers attended the full conference and many others visited simply to take advantage of networking opportunities (up from around 30 in 2009, when the Bar Council first had a corporate presence). The Bar Council co-hosted a networking reception with the Bar Council of Ireland, the Bar Council of Northern Ireland and the Faculty of Advocates. This was the first time the four Bars of the British Isles cooperated in this way. Over 500 conference participants were able to make links with the Bar during this event at Dublin’s Kings Inn. The Bar Council also had a booth in the Exhibition Centre, distributing brochures explaining the services offered by the Bar and in London more generally (Unlocking Disputes campaign).