Important information for pupil barristers whose second six finished before 1 April 2012

Please note that if you were due to complete your practising period of pupillage before the 1 April 2012 and have not yet submitted satisfactory pupillage documentation, you are not eligible to commence practice. In order to commence practice after your second six, you must submit a certificate signed by each of your pupil supervisors, as well as the Head of Chambers/ Director of Pupil Training confirming that you have completed pupillage and return a completed Notification of Status form confirming that you have commenced practice and providing your practice address.

These documents should be sent along with your pupillage checklist to our offices immediately. If you do not return the Notification of Status form, you may be in breach of paragraph 202(d) of the Code of Conduct, which states that a barrister may practise only if he has provided in writing details of his current practice address and telephone number.

The Provisional Practising Certificate that was issued to you whilst you were undertaking your second six remains valid until 30 April 2012. If you do not submit the required documentation signing off your practising period of pupillage by 30 April 2012, you will not be authorised to exercise reserved legal activity from 1 May 2012.

If you have any queries, please contact