Deadlines on judicial misconduct


Dissatisfied court users could be given a three-month time limit to lodge their complaints about judicial misconduct, under new Office for Judicial Complaints (OJC) proposals.  A working party chaired by Lord Justice Toulson has drawn up 21 recommendations, including that the OJC be re-named The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office.  

Its other recommendations include that: the judicial office holder be required to respond to the initial allegation within 20 business days of the request being made; applications to extend the time limit be decided by the OJC, President or Advisory committee as appropriate; the test for a time extension remain as ‘good reason to do so’.  The regulations would retain authority to re-open a case where new information is received and a nominated judge deems the matter to be “of sufficient seriousness” to do so.  

The OJC’s consultation on the proposals, ‘A Review of the Rules and Regulations Governing Judicial Discipline’, closes on 23 May.