The impact of COVID-19 has meant that chambers face a challenge to ensure they continue to meet client demands by increasing efficiencies and delivering service levels which meet high expectations. All of this must be done whilst reducing the chambers running costs in order to increase revenue and continue to grow. Even before the pandemic struck, a lot of the more progressive chambers were already some way down the road of digital transformation. That direction of travel was already well-established. But now that barristers and clerks have had no choice but to leave their traditional premises and work from home, it’s now time for all chambers to embrace digital technology.

Implementing a chambers management solution helps to resolve these problems. Having one solution to manage diaries, fees, case management and time recording has been proven to drive chambers to success and is considered a no brainer for any chambers looking to navigate the substantial challenges in the market. But - in today’s technologically driven world, is that enough? With the rise of digital technology, smarter ways of working are becoming available to chambers that move away from the traditional model. Courts are already adopting digital working and this is warranting a response from chambers. With staff desiring flexible working and clients demanding more frequent and immediate communication regarding cases, chambers face a new challenge of adapting to a world where mobile is seen as a necessity.

To respond to these new challenges, we have developed MLC to deliver a smarter way of working which brings chambers into the digital age. With Cloud storage, integrated marketing capabilities and a mobile interface; all built into the software, MLC delivers the ability to work in a digital environment combined with mobile tools to help chambers provide outstanding customer service, improve client retention and boost revenue even further.

The way chambers communicate with internal teams, as well as prospects and clients has evolved considerably in recent years. The up-to date functionality within MLC means chambers have the digital tools to attract and keep new clients, for example using the sophisticated MailChimp marketing integration, ensuring clients are being engaged with effectively. Implementing Cloud-based tools means your chambers’ case documents are more secure than ever and the burden of document storage is taken away from clerks, freeing up more time to focus on the clients who effect revenue and business growth.

Join our webinar to take a look at how our chambers management solution, MLC can offer a true commercial advantage with digital management tools that maximise barrister and clerk efficiency by streamlining processes and monitoring real-time progress.