Landlord and Tenant – Business premises. The Chancery Division ruled that notices served by a tenant of leasehold office premises, notifying the claimants (together the landlord) of its intention to exercise a contractual break clause in the leases, had been valid. The notices had been validly served at the landlord's stated address in accordance with the leases. That address was an 'abode or place of business' because the landlord had, on the true construction of the leases, nominated it as such, and not because the landlord actually abided there or carried on any business there. The court rejected the tenant's contention that s 23(2) of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1927 was of general application to any sort of notice to be served by a tenant and applied to any claim that a tenant might serve. Section 23 was not intended to relate to matters outside that Act.