Confidential information – Injunction. The claimant firm of solicitors (Linklaters) was granted an injunction, until 11 February 2019, to restrain the defendant, its ex-employee, from disclosing certain confidential information obtained from, and relating to, his employment, which Linklaters contended was confidential information relating to partners and/or employees of the firm and protected by express duties of confidence owed to it by the defendant, pursuant to his contract of employment. Following the termination of his employment, the defendant had indicated that he would give interviews concerning the 'current culture' at Linklaters in respect of women in the workplace. The Queen's Bench Division held that there was clear evidence of a threat or intention to give interviews for publication about matters that had come to the defendant's attention in the course of his employment, that the likelihood that Linklaters would succeed at a trial was sufficient to justify injunctive relief and that the rights of the third parties involved bolstered the case in favour of granting an injunction.