Interview with Baroness Blackstone

Grania Langdon-Down meets Baroness Blackstone who brings a reputation for blunt speaking from her formidable 50 year-plus career in education, politics and public service to her new role... read more

Interview with Nick Hardwick

David Wurtzel talks to former Chair of the Parole Board Nick Hardwick about his career, the Worboys case and events leading up to his resignation read more

#CallitOut: Why are BME barristers more likely to be pursued by the BSB?

BME barristers are disproportionately represented throughout the complaints process and more likely to have complaints upheld. Desiree Artesi investigates read more

21st century chambers management

Is the chambers model fit for the 21st century? Robin Jackson reviews The Independent Bar, a book offering a best practice blueprint for how a... read more

Pro Bono Watch

Jess Campbell explains how pro bono can help pupils find their feet; introduces the first set of Pro Bono Patrons; and celebrates the chambers already signed up to raise vital funds in... read more

2018 Paris-London Bar Exchange

Dites donc, allez Paris! write Jim Duffy and Pauline Tubiana as applications open for this year’s junior Bar exchange read more

Going against the grain (2)

A clinic providing specialist pro bono legal advice on immigration law opened its doors in January 2018. Samantha Knights QC, one of the working group behind the University of Exeter’s... read more

AGFS 2018 & a broken system

Kerim Fuad QC briefs readers on the background to action at what many see as the tipping point in discussions about a broken criminal justice system read more

Gender at the Bar and fair access to work (2)

Part 2 of HHJ Emma Nott’s analysis turns to the top 500 criminal legal aid fee earners. How do the earnings of female advocates compare to their male counterparts? read more

Who governs the Internet?

Subjecting tech colossi to the rule of law while defending expressive freedoms online is a formidable task legislators have barely begun – but post-Cambridge Analytica change is in the... read more