Andrew Granville Stafford

Andrew Granville Stafford

Andrew Granville Stafford is Chair of the Bar Council’s Direct Access Panel, an elected member of the Bar Council and on the Ethics Committee. He is Head of Civil Litigation at 4KBW.

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Setting up a direct access practice

As the pandemic’s influence on practice bites, Andrew Granville Stafford, Maria Scotland and Daniel ShenSmith outline the key requirements that apply to public access work, the direct-client experience and advice on effective marketing

04 February 2021

The same... but different

Andrew Granville Stafford considers the attractions, the pitfalls and the mechanics of public access work

Among my first public access clients were an African prince, a 70s prog rock star and the former managing clerk of a large solicitor’s firm whose preferred method of payment was an envelope containing £50 notes. 

20 July 2015
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Join us for Justice Week

As we look ahead to Justice Week 2022, the sustainability of the Criminal Bar remains a critical issue for the government to address

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