Law in Practice

Miller, BrEXIT and BreUK-up

The Supreme Court’s treatment of the devolution issues in Miller is troubling, argues Aidan O’Neill QC, who examines the UK’s complex multi-national constitutional history and potential... read more

Miller and the modern British Constitution

Miller reveals the malleability of the parliamentary sovereignty doctrine, argues Professor Mark Elliott in his examination of the many tensions which lie at the heart of the majority... read more

IDRC in action

Damian Hickman offers an insight into the challenges of running a busy international arbitration centre –from debugging services, extra-large entourages and last-minute visa requests... read more

Lessons from preparing a big case

As the child abuse inquiry continues to buckle under varied pressures, Pete Weatherby QC describes the practical challenges of running inquiries and other high-volume cases – being a... read more

Economic sanctions

From ‘smart’ sanctions to judicial review, closed hearings to the Brexit/Trump effect, Maya Lester QC briefs readers on the varied legal issues surrounding the foreign policy tool of... read more

Arbitration v litigation

Family arbitration is hitting its stride: the IFLA scheme successfully resolving financial disputes and keeping families out of court has now been extended to children cases. Janet Bazley... read more

Wilful neglect

With a disturbing rise in deaths due to poor care, abuse or neglect in hospitals and care homes, Zia Akhtar examines the impact of the new criminal offence of wilful neglect. Will it... read more

Balance of power

‘Shifting powers’ and an ‘unfair, hostile and resource-driven’ climate are sidelining the needs of vulnerable defendants and witnesses, the ICCA’s ambitious inaugural conference heard. ... read more

Miller and the duties of the LC

Sir Jeffrey Jowell QC asks whether the Lord Chancellor should have acted to stem the misleading and inflammatory media allegations which continue in the wake of the Miller case... read more

Seed-funding justice

A call for views: Justin Fenwick QC explains how a properly thought-out contingency legal aid fund on a not-for-profit basis could fit into the new landscape of litigation funding... read more