The Judicial House of Lords

1876–2009 Edited by Louis Blom-Cooper, Brice Dickson and Gavin Drewry Oxford University Press; Hardback (August 2009); £95 ISBN: 0199532710 read more

The Snail and the Ginger

Beer: The Singular Case of Donoghue v Stevenson Matthew Chapman Wildy, Simmonds and Hill; Hardback (December 2009); £14.99 ISBN: 0854900497 “You must take reasonable care to avoid... read more

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom: History, Art, Architecture

Edited by Chris Miele Merrell Publishers; Hardback (April 2010); £35 ISBN: 1858945070 This book is one of the best things to come out of the transformation of the Middlesex... read more

Legally Blonde

There are lessons for the Bar in this musical, believes David Wurtzel. Legally Blonde (Savoy Theatre) proves that good new musicals can still be written. They can also be performed... read more

The Dunsinane 2

A starry audience matched by an equally eminent cast, writes David Wurtzel. On Sunday, 16 May the Great Hall of the Royal Courts of Justice was packed with people who... read more

The Rule of Law

Tom Bingham Allen Lane; Hardback (February 2010); £20 ISBN 9781846140907 There is a general, though not universal, feeling that the rule of law is a Good Thing. But it is a... read more

The Promise

David Wurtzel believes the cast deftly balances the personal with the political and imitate without mimicking the historical figures. “The promise” is the Balfour... read more

In the Land of the Free …

A powerful and thought provoking film, finds Felicity Gerry In the Land of the Free is the sort of thought provoking film which does not require a hemp shirt. A powerful... read more

Wine Lists

Dominic Regan and Sean Jones suggest the best restaurants to visit in order to obtain good wine at a fair price. You have cause to celebrate. Perhaps you have just been... read more

Duncan and Neill on Defamation

Sir Brian Neill, Richard Rampton QC, Heather Rogers QC, Timothy Atkinson, Aidan Eardley LexisNexis, 3rd edition (Aug 2009), £195.00, ISBN 978-0406178312 Since the first edition... read more