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Not going out: WFH the healthy way

Cara Goldthorpe offers some tips for developing a positive mindset, making healthy choices and optimising time and (work) space when we are predominantly home-based 

22 January 2021 / Cara Goldthorpe

‘Must haves’ for going virtual

Charlotte Baker  discusses the kit, apps and tips you need to make remote and paperless working… work

22 January 2021 / Charlotte Baker

Building for the future post-COVID

The pandemic has transformed perspectives and practice at the Bar. While the physical chambers is far from over, it’s clearly going to be different for the future.  

By Catherine Calder  

22 January 2021 / Catherine Calder

Fake or fact? (1) Digital docs manipulation and how to spot it

In the era of deepfakes, it is far easier than you might think to alter digital documents such as PDFs. How do we spot fraudulent manipulation? What can we do about it?  

By Helen Brander  

15 January 2021 / Helen Brander

Going solo

For those contemplating the move to sole practitioner: Steven Gasztowicz QC  and Susan Jones  outline the key considerations when re-orientating your practice

15 January 2021 / Steven Gasztowicz QC / Susan Jones

The Young Criminal Bar: steps to secure our future

John McNamara  on the silvering of the profession, tumbling fees and deleterious listing practices: as the number of young barristers falls year on year, the CBA Young Bar Committee has been set up to tackle the biggest issues affecting retention

08 January 2021 / John McNamara

Resolutions to thrive by

Screen-free days, quality sleep, and other non-negotiables – ideas for making our working lives better this year 

By Victoria Wilson  

04 January 2021 / Victoria Wilson

Fake or fact? (2) Digital docs manipulation and how to deal with it

In part 2 of this two-part series, Helen Brander  looks at the measures we can put in place to tackle fraud in disclosure, and minimise the possibility of it happening in the first place. Is it a judge's role to be on the alert for fraud? Do the proposed draft practice guidelines go far enough? 

22 December 2020 / Helen Brander

2020 pupils, how are you doing?

What are the key concerns of incoming pupils during the pandemic and how are they coping? Advice for chambers, the 2020 cohort and prospective pupils 

By Adiba Bassam and  Shina Animashaun   

30 November 2020 / Adiba Bassam / Shina Animashaun

Enhance your chambers-solicitor relationships

All relationships take work, not least those between chambers and solicitors. Danny Chapman  shares some practice-enhancing tips (and food for thought for your next practice review) for new business generation and client retention

30 November 2020 / Danny Chapman
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