Law in Practice

Gender recognition and trans equality

With trans headlines constantly in the news, Claire McCann examines the law on trans rights and the dangers of misinformed debate read more

Religious rights and conflicts in law

What’s happening to religion and belief? Britain may be becoming less religious, but there’s a growing body of case law examined here by Robin Allen QC read more

It’s a sham? The changing definition of marriage of convenience

Allan Briddock examines a significantly widened definition of ‘marriage of convenience’ and how the new test could catch out many genuine relationships read more

Therapy animals and ABE

Australia and the United States are increasingly using animals to support effective participation in courts. Will it catch on over here? Professor Penny Cooper explores the issues to... read more

Reaching the point of no [search] return

Google fail? Heather Rogers QC puts the legal record straight on the first two ‘right to be forgotten’ cases – tried under the twilight data protection regime but with issues far from... read more

Achieving sea-change: criminal disclosure failures

Too little, too late? As the CPS publishes its disclosure review, Narita Bahra and Fiona Robertson assess whether its assurances and safeguards can possibly achieve the pledged sea change... read more

Regulating cryptocurrency

With barristers and clerks increasingly exposed to the cryptocurrency sector, Anthony Eskander explains how to get smart on smart contracts, maximise market opportunities and prepare for... read more

The medieval junior

Spare a thought for your medieval equivalent: Edward Walker describes a rambunctious day-in-the-life of a 15th century junior read more

The military drone: regulating the 21st century hunter-killer

As armed drone strikes blur the boundaries of the battlefield, Jo Morris and Libby Anderson look at the ethical and legal issues raised and the law of armed conflict read more

Video hearings: conveyor-belt justice or a revolution in access?

Penelope Gibbs briefs readers on Transform Justice’s video hearings research and calls for a clearer evidence base before virtual justice is extended any further read more