Law in Practice

The human cost of digital justice

There’s nothing inherently wrong with cost saving but some things simply deserve to be done face-to-face. Mary Cowe examines the impact of video links outside trial read more

Video and live-link evidence: state of play

Special measures, lingering live-link issues and banishing generalisations: as the s 28 roll-out hits the buffers, Laura Hoyano examines state of play read more

Freeze frame

Digitising documents, yes. Digitising clients, no. The Secret Barrister’s resistance to the video-link revolution is both practical and principled read more

Wisdom from women-of-firsts: ‘justice belongs to the people’

Four formidable legal pioneers talked candidly about their lives and careers to a packed house at Gray’s Inn. Dana Denis-Smith reports read more

Debrett’s* guide to social media for lawyers

Legal Twitter is a thriving, positive and influential community but even lawyers can get themselves into hot water if they don’t observe the netiquette. A guide to the do’s and don’ts by... read more

Punctuation, hacks and howlers

There are only a few cardinal rules, so read, relax and punctuate with confidence: Dominic Selwood reveals all… read more

Is the leak in employment protection fixed?

What’s the gig issue? Pimlico Plumbers v Smith lives up to neither its hype nor condemnation but has... read more

The Jogee effect

John Crilly’s release in April 2018 marks the only conviction quashed as a result of Jogee. Paul Taylor QC considers the evolution of the law on... read more

Gender recognition and trans equality

With trans headlines constantly in the news, Claire McCann examines the law on trans rights and the dangers of misinformed debate read more

Religious rights and conflicts in law

What’s happening to religion and belief? Britain may be becoming less religious, but there’s a growing body of case law examined here by Robin Allen QC read more