Interview with Baroness Blackstone

Grania Langdon-Down meets Baroness Blackstone who brings a reputation for blunt speaking from her formidable 50 year-plus career in education, politics and public service to her new role... read more

A moral panic?

Surveying the knife crime debate, Sam Parham and Katharine Dyson argue that rehabilitation should be prioritised over deterrence and root causes really addressed read more

No knives, better lives

How is Scotland reducing knife deaths so effectively? A case study by Emily Beever outlines its youth work/public health approach to the problem read more

Sentencing overhaul

Rosina Cottage QC outlines the tougher sentencing guidelines in force to tackle escalating knife and acid crime read more

The deterrent effect

Knife culture is so engrained in some communities that only more severe punishment will actually see it ‘stamped out’, argues Jesse Cook read more

Firearms and fury: The rise of gun crime in the UK

The case of the antique firearms dealer who exploited legal loopholes reveals that gun control in the UK is not nearly as tight as we may think. By Rupert Jones read more

The post-Ched Evans debate on sexual history evidence

Ali Naseem Bajwa QC and Eva Niculiu provide a critical overview of the main developments in the ongoing sexual history evidence debate read more

Interview with Nick Hardwick

David Wurtzel talks to former Chair of the Parole Board Nick Hardwick about his career, the Worboys case and events leading up to his resignation read more

Beyond Windrush

The Windrush scandal has put the spotlight on the byzantine and troubled state of British immigration law, policy and practice, writes Dr Anna Lindley read more

Domestic jurisdiction and crime of aggression

What status do ‘crimes of aggression’ have in English law? A personal opinion by Zia Akhtar who examines the recent judicial review in the context of recent air strikes on Syria... read more