Pro Bono Watch

With the start of the legal year, the Bar Pro Bono Unit marks a new beginning of its own as we introduce our new Head of Casework, Melanie Ross read more

Westminster Watch

It’s stop-start at Westminster. The flame of legal aid continues to flicker but public attention is focusing Ministry minds. Mark Hatcher examines state of play read more

Interview: Lord Sumption

The magic of the Bar, call of the Bench and parallel lives: in a rare interview Lord Sumption sets the record straight with Anthony Inglese read more

New chapter: ending sexual harassment at the Bar

It’s not just women who are victims, not just men who are perpetrators and not just dinosaurs who are the problem. Sophie Garner and Esther Gamble outline the new Bar Council guidance on... read more

Employed Bar Award Winners 2018

The vital work of the in-house barristers was recognised at the second Bar Council Employed Bar Awards ceremony. Melissa Coutinho profiles today’s employed practice and quizzes the... read more

Everything you need to know about the future of Bar training

Bar Standards Board Director-General Dr Vanessa Davies summarises what is and is not changing to the process by which prospective barristers will train and qualify from 2019 read more

The human cost of digital justice

There’s nothing inherently wrong with cost saving but some things simply deserve to be done face-to-face. Mary Cowe examines the impact of video links outside trial read more

Video and live-link evidence: state of play

Special measures, lingering live-link issues and banishing generalisations: as the s 28 roll-out hits the buffers, Laura Hoyano examines state of play read more

Freeze frame

Digitising documents, yes. Digitising clients, no. The Secret Barrister’s resistance to the video-link revolution is both practical and principled read more

Wisdom from women-of-firsts: ‘justice belongs to the people’

Four formidable legal pioneers talked candidly about their lives and careers to a packed house at Gray’s Inn. Dana Denis-Smith reports read more