Chair's Column


Steps forward

A social mobility stocktake, some political impetus at last on criminal justice, civility on legal Twitter, and the importance of taking a proper break this summer

07 August 2023 / Nick Vineall KC

Work on universal issues

Efforts to tackle environmental threats and fixed recoverable costs, menopause at the Bar, and engagement further afield

10 July 2023 / Nick Vineall KC

Engaging with lawyers, legislation and reform

The Chair of the Bar congratulates Barbara Mills KC, visits the NE Circuit, tackles reforms and promotes professional ethics

12 June 2023 / Nick Vineall KC

Building a better future

This month the Bar Council is focused on evidence, investment and the rule of law

04 May 2023 / Nick Vineall KC

Why independence is important

Our Cab Rank obligations help promote access to justice and prevent discrimination

05 April 2023 / Nick Vineall KC

Supporting all at the Bar

The Chair of the Bar provides an update on fees, the advisory board, and regulatory oversight, as well as his visit to the Northern Circuit and Authorisation to Practise

13 March 2023 / Nick Vineall KC

Advocacy for the Bar

The Chair of the Bar provides an insight into the Bar Council’s parliamentary work

02 February 2023 / Nick Vineall KC

Looking ahead to 2023

Nick Vineall KC is the new Chair of the Bar for 2023

12 January 2023 / Nick Vineall KC

A year at the front

You are in great hands with Nick Vineall KC and Sam Townend KC next year

05 December 2022 / Mark Fenhalls KC

Delivering improvements

Focus on positive change across the Bar

01 November 2022 / Mark Fenhalls KC
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Chair’s Column

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Justice at the polls

The Chair of the Bar launches a Manifesto for Justice as campaigning gets under way

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