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Strategies for seminar success

Marketing initiatives such as seminars remain popular among barristers and chambers but is the investment truly worthwhile? Heidi Smith explores how to maximise ROI 

10 June 2024 / Heidi Smith

Leadership and teamworking

James Pereira KC on the collaborative essence of a barrister’s role and five practical tools to make us all better leaders and team-players 

13 May 2024 / James Pereira KC

ChatGPT in chambers

Used wisely, ChatGPT can become part of a chambers’ daily toolkit to maximise efficiency, practice development and EDI, says Rowan Caffull  

13 May 2024 / Rowan Caffull

Rebuild your practice

Juliette Levy, Shazia Akhtar and Graham Denholm share some tips for barrister returners after a leave of absence or a career move 


Getting juniors on their feet

Creating advocacy opportunities for juniors is now the expectation but not always easy to put into effect. Tom Mitcheson KC distils developing best practice from the Patents Court initiative already bearing fruit 

15 April 2024 / Tom Mitcheson KC

Silk’s unsung heroes: assessor FAQs

Let’s hear it for the assessors, says Dame Anne Rafferty of the KC Selection Panel. And to make silk assessors’ lives a little easier when applicants come calling in May, Dame Anne fields some commonly asked questions 

15 April 2024 / Dame Anne Rafferty

Record pupillage numbers

Pupillage offers hit new record exceeding pre-pandemic levels, Bar Council report finds 

23 February 2024 / The Bar Council

Fair recruitment at the Bar

Ensuring recruitment processes are fair, and free from bias, is essential to drive diversity at the Bar. Bindi Dholakia and Rachel Krys examine the theory and practice 

19 February 2024 / Bindi Dholakia / Rachel Krys

Taking silk – an employed barrister’s perspective

Heidi Stonecliffe KC talks frankly about her route to silk and why, as Chair of the Employed Barristers’ Committee for 2024, she wants to see greater visibility, progression and recognition for employed barristers 

12 February 2024 / Heidi Stonecliffe KC

Applying for silk in 2024

Monisha Shah, Chair of the King’s Counsel Selection Panel, gives an insight into the silk selection process and outlines a new condensed timetable for 2024 

12 February 2024 / Monisha Shah
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Justice at the polls

The Chair of the Bar launches a Manifesto for Justice as campaigning gets under way

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