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Leaders in waiting: part 1 – goal setting

It’s rare for junior barristers to formulate much of a career strategy beyond ‘getting tenancy’. In part one of a new series on career progression, Nikki Alderson shares some advice on setting goals – and purposefully reaching them

01 June 2022 / Nikki Alderson

What’s it like working in-house?

Will you be tied to a desk and swept into a foreign world of time recording? Or is it all the best bits of being a barrister but with a regular salary and better hours? Abigail Bennett's day in the life of a family law barrister turned partner

12 May 2022 / Abigail Bennett

Pathway for change: the new route to Treasury Counsel

Rekha Kodikara explores the positive steps being taken to enable the future Treasury Counsel team to be diverse and inclusive

11 April 2022 / Rekha Kodikara

Expanding horizons in criminal law: opportunities for international law practice

Practical advice for anyone considering a career in international criminal law, distilled by David Josse QC

11 April 2022 / David Josse QC

How to get pupillage: Part two – the interview

Paul Secher's tips and advice on the next crucial stage of your pupillage quest – the interview

09 March 2022 / Paul Secher

Top five tax-year-end opportunities

Download a FREE guide about the top five tax-year-end opportunities 

01 March 2022

Pro bono and the path to silk

Rebecca Wilkie explains how pro bono can become an intrinsic part of your silk application

16 February 2022 / Rebecca Wilkie

Alternate careers to the Bar: are they as good as you think?

When thoughts arise that ‘there must be more to life than this’, is a career change necessarily the answer? Tim Bergin on the benefits of leaving the Bar – and coming back again

14 February 2022 / Tim Bergin

Looking for pupillage? Thinking in-house?

During the tumultuous search for pupillage, Victoria Alicea describes how the journey can make all the difference to the destination: thinking broader, picking up new skills and finding a home in-house

31 January 2022 / Victoria Alicea

How to get pupillage: Part one – the application

In this fierce competition, your written application will determine whether you are invited to interview. Paul Secher considers what you can do to enhance your prospects of success

31 January 2022 / Paul Secher
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