Nick Bonnello

Nick Bonnello

Nick Bonnello is the Managing Director of RWB Chartered Accountants and heads up the specialist Barrister Tax and Accounts team. For further details please go to: www.rwbca.co.uk/our-services/barristers

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Basis period reform – does it impact you?

A major change is coming which will impact the timing and way profits are taxed. What is basis period reform and how does it affect barristers? Nick Bonnello explains all...

01 June 2022

Pension planning for barristers

Pensions offer valuable tax breaks but need to be carefully planned in order to maximise your allowance and not fall foul of the rules, advise Nick Bonnello and Sam Hubbert

23 March 2022

The effects of compounding: investing within a company structure

Incorporating can be beneficial from a tax perspective and profits retained in the company can still be invested for the longer term, advise Nick Bonnello and Sam Hubbert

14 February 2022

Incorporation for retirement planning

Incorporating can be used to pay lower rates of tax in retirement: Nick Bonnello sets out three worked scenarios

18 January 2022

Time to look at incorporating?

Three reasons why barristers might consider incorporation, by Nick Bonnello

01 December 2021
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Planning ahead: tax advice for pupils and those new to the Bar

Nick Bonnello explains how a barrister can arrange their tax affairs  

01 September 2021

Tax planning post-COVID

It was complicated enough pre-pandemic, so how best to tax plan around the drop in fees? Nick Bonnello explains...

30 June 2021
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Time for change and investment

The Chair of the Bar sets out how the new government can restore the justice system

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