Lloyd French

Lloyd French

Lloyd French is an Independent Financial Planner and Founder of Delaunay Wealth. Lloyd is a financial planner who provides expert, fully audited, holistic advice and coaching. With more than 20 years of experience providing comprehensive advice to barristers, Lloyd understands the challenges and pressures you face.

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Understand the true value of financial planning

If you were to host a dinner party with 10 guests, and you asked them to explain what financial planning is and how it differs to financial advice, you’d receive 10 different answers. The variety of answers highlights the ongoing need to clarify and promote the value of financial planning.

19 March 2024

Q&A with Lloyd French of Delaunay Wealth Management

Discover Lloyd’s unique approach to financial planning and experience working with barristers

19 February 2024

5 financial challenges facing barristers in 2024

Trust Delaunay Wealth to stand by your side amid the uncertainties ahead, writes Lloyd French

15 January 2024
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Justice at the polls

The Chair of the Bar launches a Manifesto for Justice as campaigning gets under way

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