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To what extent is cognitive liberty adequately protected by the GDPR?

The Institute of Neurotechnology & Law is thrilled to announce its inaugural essay competition


Is my case reportable?

How does ICLR decide which judgments to report? Brendan Wright reveals the time-honoured case selection process 

10 June 2024 / Brendan Wright

The 5Ws (and 1H) of financial planning with Westgate

Having supported the Bar for nearly a decade, Louise Crush of Westgate lifts the lid on what ‘financial planning’ for barristers really entails 

10 June 2024 / Louise Crush

The age of neurorights

Launch of the Institute of Neurotechnology and Law


Law reporting: a history

Paul Magrath of ICLR recalls the chequered history of law reporting prior to the 1865 establishment of a Council of Law Reporting 

13 May 2024 / Paul Magrath

Child Concern receives £500 donation from AlphaBiolabs Giving Back campaign

Leading drug, alcohol and DNA testing laboratory, AlphaBiolabs, has made a £500 donation to North West charity Child Concern as part of its Giving Back campaign 

13 May 2024 / AlphaBiolabs

Designer drugs: the latest worrying trend in substance misuse

Gail Evans, Technical Trainer at AlphaBiolabs, examines the latest trends in illicit drug use as seen in the laboratory, from designer drugs to ‘unexpected’ substances in a donor’s sample 

13 May 2024 / Gail Evans

How financial advice adds value

Louise Crush explores the value you can measure in monetary terms alongside the many non-tangible benefits to working with a financial adviser 

13 May 2024 / Louise Crush

Anatomy of a law report

Giovanni D’Avola explores the issue of over-citation of unreported cases and the ‘added value’ elements of a law report 

15 April 2024 / Giovanni D’Avola

Navigating the New Tax Year and the Spring Budget

Louise Crush explores the key points and opportunities for tax efficiency  

15 April 2024 / Louise Crush
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Justice at the polls

The Chair of the Bar launches a Manifesto for Justice as campaigning gets under way

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