Garrick Gate – a critical tipping point

By Professor Jo Delahunty KC, Kate Brunner KC and Dr Ann Olivarius KC (Hon) OBE 


Writing a constitution for the UK

Brexit shows that our late 19th century uncodified constitution should be replaced by a 21st century written one, argues Austen Morgan  

07 August 2023 / Dr Austen Morgan

LGBTQI+ rights and the Privy Council (2)

The Privy Council’s decisions are continuing to set back progress of LGBTQI+ rights in British Overseas Territories and beyond, argues Dr Leo Raznovich

12 June 2023 / Dr Leonardo Raznovich

The adversarial system of justice – a flawed approach?

Problems with the adversarial system and why we should strive for a more balanced and nuanced approach. By Professor Leslie Thomas KC 

Nicola Bulley: Are the police still failing women?

With women and girls’ trust in the Police at an all-time low, Emma Cunningham and Catherine Hobby look at the impact of Lancashire Police's disclosures, and whether there are grounds for legal action over breach of Nicola Bulley's human rights

17 March 2023 / Emma Cunningham / Catherine Hobby

Animal welfare – the lie of the land

In the rush to dump EU law by the close of 2023, does the UK risk slipping backwards in animal welfare and environmental protection? Damian Woodward-Carlton KC investigates

13 March 2023 / Damian Woodward-Carlton KC

A new flagship court – but what about the rest?

The City of London Law Courts development provides an opportunity to reflect on the sorry state of the rest of the court estate, says Martha Grekos

13 March 2023 / Martha Grekos

Is the UK criminal justice system failing women?

Why criminal law is a battlefield for women – inspired by Mary Seacole, Dr Felicity Gerry KC calls up lawyers, judges, politicians, the police and media to work bravely for the change that women need in criminal justice

08 March 2023 / Dr Felicity Gerry KC

The government’s second bite at the anti-protest cherry

Will the Public Order Bill actually achieve the government’s aims? And do the police want these broad new pre-emptive powers anyway? Zoë Chapman considers the efficacy of the Bill and its latest amendments  

02 March 2023 / Zoë Chapman

Assault EW cases and the perverse effects of virtue-signalling legislation

Defence lawyers are concerned that charging is frequently not in the public interest and that defendants with severe mental health problems and/or who are neurodivergent are being pointlessly swept into the criminal justice system, warns Penelope Gibbs

28 October 2022 / Penelope Gibbs
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Earnings, reform and engagement

The new Bar Council earnings report presents a collective challenge for the self-employed Bar, remote hearings are changing and Bar Conference is back next month

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