Kate Brunner KC

Kate Brunner KC

Kate Brunner KC is Leader of the Western Circuit. Kate is a barrister at Albion Chambers in Bristol, and the 36 Group in London, practising largely in crime and regulatory law. Kate is a Recorder, part-time Judge of the Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber) and chairs the Appeal Board of the pharmaceutical regulator PMCPA. Kate co-founded the Western Circuit Women’s Forum.


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Imposter syndrome: moving on

Time to look afresh at the imposter syndrome narrative? Why pathologizing normal anxieties can be unhelpful to barristers and future generations. By Kate Brunner QC and Sarah Regan

21 September 2021

The point of Circuit

Why you should join a Circuit: a far cry from dinners eaten and fines levied, it’s good fellowship, lifelong education and representation in matters that affect you 

By Kate Brunner QC

13 March 2020

Interview: Amanda Pinto QC

If there’s one thing that defines what the new Chair of the Bar wants to achieve, it’s removing barriers. Amanda Pinto QC talks to Kate Brunner QC about access to the profession, equitable briefing and why the profile of senior Bar politics has to change

18 December 2019

Ending harassment: men, welcome to the conversation!

Without the input of 66% of the Bar and 85% of heads of chambers, how can we solve the problem of harassment? After all, the dividing line isn’t gender, it’s Harassers v Appalled. Male barristers share their views

19 March 2019

#TimesUp: calling it out at the Bar

Selena Plowden and Kate Brunner QC explain how all barristers, male and female, can harness the energy stemming from #MeToo, #TimesUp and #Callitout to speak out together against sexual harassment at the Bar and Bench

19 March 2018

Mentoring on the Western Circuit

The first Circuit-based mentoring scheme for women barristers is building confidence and camaraderie. Kate Brunner QC explains what sets it apart

The Bar may appear to be awash with mentoring schemes, but only a small minority of barristers actually have a mentor, and it is particularly difficult on the far reaches of Circuit to access support and events based in London. 

29 August 2017
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Seeking a bright future for the Bar

Sam Townend KC explains the Bar Council’s efforts towards ensuring a bright future for the profession

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