Damian Woodward-Carlton QC

Damian Woodward-Carlton QC

Damian is a barrister at 42 Bedford Row specialising in a range of public law family work. He has been a school governor since 2006, with particular responsibility for safeguarding.

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The Bar’s Strictly Wellbeing (2)

Missions duly accepted, how did our three intrepid silks fare in their respective wellbeing adventures? They report back to Counsel

24 November 2019

The Bar’s Strictly Wellbeing (1)

Three silks embark on a wellbeing challenge à la Anneka Rice and bravely sashay into a new world of holistic difference

18 October 2019
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The adoption debate

With influential voices questioning the scale and nature of adoption in the UK, Damian Woodward-Carlton looks at the question, raised by Lord Justice McFarlane, whether the current model is the right one

27 November 2017

The ‘radical’ challenge

When does the state have the right to interfere in family life on the basis of radical views held by family members? Damian Woodward-Carlton reports on the inherent difficulties arising in the family courts

Family lawyers and courts are currently grappling with the most fundamental of questions: when does the state have the right to interfere in family life on the basis of the views – however unpalatable – of some family members, or their interest in exploring, viewing and reading material which others might find abhorrent? 

21 November 2016
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Taking stock, taking care

It’s been a particularly hectic period in both the political sphere and our working lives 

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