Criminal law – Assault – Self-defence – Sentencing – Consecutive sentences. High Court of Justiciary: Refusing an appeal against conviction and sentence by an appellant who was found guilty of three charges of assault on two former partners and pled guilty to several other charges, including breach of bail and special conditions of bail, the sheriff imposing prison sentences of 6 months on each of the assault charges and 3-month sentences on each of the remaining charges, resulting in an overall period of 30 months' imprisonment, coupled with a Supervised Release Order ('SRO') of 12 months and Non-Harassment Orders of indeterminate duration in respect of both complainers, the court held that the sheriff had not erred in withdrawing a special defence of self-defence on one of the assault charges from the jury's consideration, that no element of the sentences imposed was excessive and that both the SRO and the Non-Harassment Orders were justified.