Undertaking – Construction. The claimant company (Koza) sought orders declaring that certain classes of expenditure were within 'the ordinary and proper course of business' and, accordingly fell within the terms of an undertaking it had given in proceedings, which arose out of a dispute over Koza's management. The Chancery Division held that, whilst funding a successful pursuit of an ICSID arbitration would be of benefit to Koza, and was thus in the ordinary and proper course of business, on the particular facts of the case, it was not in the interests of justice to approve that expenditure and it did not fall within the undertaking. However, the court allowed Koza's application with regard to expenditure on public relations advisers, and to the extent of allowing expenditure of no more than £250,000 per annum as remuneration for the second claimant, for services performed as Koza's chief executive officer.