Book review: Data Protection: Law and Practice (fifth edition)

By Rosemary Jay 

Published by Sweet & Maxwell (2020) 

ISBN  978-0414070967 

Reviewed by Anya Proops QC  

22 January 2021 / Anya Proops KC

Haldane: the Forgotten Statesman Who Shaped Modern Britain

By John Campbell 

C Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd (2020) 

ISBN 9781787383111 

Reviewed by John Jolliffe  

14 December 2020 / John Jolliffe

Reckonings: Legacies of Nazi Persecution and the Quest for Justice

By Professor Mary Fulbrook   

OUP: 2018 (Wolfson History Prize 2019) | 

ISBN 9780198811237 

Reviewed by Patrick O'Connor QC  

14 December 2020 / Patrick O’Connor KC

Enemies of the People? How Judges Shape Society

By Joshua Rozenberg   

Bristol University Press 2020 

ISBN 9781529204506 

Reviewed by David Wurtzel  

14 December 2020 / David Wurtzel

Lawyers in film: To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

Canonised (if sanitised) by lawyers and immortalised by Gregory Peck, what can Harper Lee’s Atticus Finch teach us about criminal justice today? By David Langwallner 

14 December 2020 / David Langwallner

Lawyers in film: Twelve Angry Men (1957)

The legendary Twelve Angry Men is not a film about lawyers per se but the machinations of trial by jury, presently under threat in this jurisdiction. An analysis by David Langwallner 

26 October 2020 / David Langwallner

Book review: Fake Law - The Truth About Justice in an Age of Lies

By The Secret Barrister 

Published by Picador (Hardcover: September 2020) 

ISBN 978-1529009941 

Reviewed by John Cooper QC  

07 October 2020 / John Cooper KC

Book review: Radical Wordsworth: the Poet Who Changed the World

By Jonathan Bate  

William Collins (April 2020), ISBN 978-0008167424, Hardcover (608 pages) 

Reviewed by Russell Harris QC  

26 May 2020 / Russell Harris KC

Book review: People Like Us: What it Takes to Make it in Modern Britain

By Hashi Mohamed 

Profile Books (January 2020), ISBN 978-1788161121, Hardcover (320 pages) 

Reviewed by  Malvika Jaganmohan 

26 May 2020 / Malvika Jaganmohan

Book review: Talking Law, a Women in the Law UK Book

By Sally Penni 

Independently published (March 2020), ISBN 979-8603267661, Paperback (295 pages) 

Reviewed by David Wurtzel  

19 May 2020 / David Wurtzel
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