Latest Cases

Al-Obaidi v Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

Employment – Breach of contract. read more

Clearswift Ltd v Glasswall (IP) Ltd

Patent – Petition for revocation. The claimant software company's application for revocation of a patent intended to combat malware on computers failed. read more

Fishermen and Friends of the Sea v Environmental Management Authority and others (Trinidad and Tobago)

Judicial review – Delay. There was no reason to question the exercise of discretion by the judge when refusing to extend time under the s 11(1) of the Judicial Review Act 2000. read more

Rawlins v Crown Prosecution Service

Police – Assault on constable in execution of duty. read more

Gregory and another v Moore and others

Practice – Points of claim. read more

Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity v Roupell and another

Landlord and tenant – Recovery of possession. read more

Curo Places Ltd v Walker

Landlord and tenant – Recovery of possession. The judge had not erred in refusing the claimant landlord's application for a possession order, as arising from the defendant tenant's noise nuisance... read more

Goss-Custard and another v Templeman and others

Will – Capacity. The first and the second defendants' application for summary judgment, pronouncing against a will made by the eminent former law-lord, Lord Templeman, in 2008 was dismissed. read more