Latest Cases

*Nottingham City Council v Parr and another

Local authority – Statutory powers. read more

*Darnley v Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

Negligence – Duty to take care. read more

Slocock v Revenue and Customs Commissioners

Capital gains tax – Non-resident capital gains tax return. read more

Dalamd Ltd v Butterworth Spengler Commercial Ltd

Insurance – Disclosure. The claimant company's claim for negligence against the defendant insurance company succeeded only in regard to one of a number of claims. read more

Ulaszonek v Polish Judicial Authority

Extradition – European arrest warrant. read more

Lloyd v Google LLC

Practice – Service out of the jurisdiction. read more

McAulay v HM Advocate

Solemn procedure – Culpable homicide – Provocation – Self-defence – Judge's charge. read more

Simpson and Wallace v HM Advocate

Sentencing – Supply of drugs – Aggravation by connection with serious organised crime – Double counting. read more

Melville v Procurator Fiscal, Dundee

Criminal evidence and procedure – Threatening and abusive behaviour – Irregularly obtained evidence – Best evidence – Corroboration. read more