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Bringing [Dis]Ability to the Bar

Mary Prior QC profiles the founders of BDABar, Konstantina Nouka and James Ekin, who are determined to improve accessibility, support and inclusivity at the Bar, and dismantle the barriers that disabled aspiring barristers face

11 April 2022 / Mary Prior QC

Why sign up to the FreeBar Charter?

If you’re wondering what you can do today to improve LGBT+ inclusion, consider signing up to the FreeBar Charter. Alice Brighouse, Cameron Stocks and Brie Stevens-Hoare QC explain why


Disinformation and the courtroom: the Moscow show trials

Moscow’s tenuous relationship with the truth now and then – Thomas Grant QC looks back at the last of the so-called ‘show trials’ where courtrooms were used as vehicles for disinformation and legitimisation of oppression

08 April 2022 / Thomas Grant QC

Same-sex marriage in the Caribbean: winds of change?

The recent Privy Council decisions in respect of same-sex matrimonial rights in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda have been met with largescale disappointment. Are there any positives on which to build? asks Tim Prudhoe

07 April 2022 / Tim Prudhoe

The conflict in Ukraine – an international crisis

The atrocities in Ukraine have prompted an international outcry, calling for Putin to be held accountable – Christina Warner explores the legal mechanisms and vast evidential burdens

22 March 2022 / Christina Warner

Partygate as a ground for impeachment?

Perhaps, but we need to modernise impeachment before it is fit for purpose, writes Chris Monaghan…

14 March 2022 / Chris Monaghan

IWD 2022: Find your allies, advocate for change

What is the everyday experience of being a junior female barrister, and why do women leave the Bar? Choice or circumstance? asks Adiba Bassam 

11 March 2022 / Adiba Bassam

The legal community’s response to the Afghanistan crisis

Working pro bono is one of the greatest traditions of the profession and, in the Afghanistan crisis, one that has saved countless lives in real time. Sarah Magill documents the legal community's gargantuan response 

10 March 2022 / Sarah Magill

IWD 2022: Back to the Bar – returning from parental leave and the quest for balance

For IWD 2022, Emma Price talks openly about the challenges of achieving a ‘work/life balance’, why it's time to acknowledge this as a valid and realistic goal (not a guilty secret) and the difference this would make to retention and progression of women barristers 

08 March 2022 / Emma Price

Do lawyers make good PMs?

A lawyer, a leader or both? Alec Samuels reviews the strengths, weaknesses and quirks of our lawyer-PMs of modern times

01 March 2022 / Alec Samuels
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It’s been a particularly hectic period in both the political sphere and our working lives 

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