The Silent Voices…

When will immunity end for the human right violators? Sumon Akter investigates the situation in Nepal. The internal conflict in Nepal saw many Nepalese fall victim to the... read more

Justice Without Politics?

John Cammegh looks at the the Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal and asks: Reconciliation - or revenge? The development of international criminal tribunals over the... read more

Chinese judges’ visit

A delegation from the Beijing High People’s Court visited London in the summer to find out more about our courts and to experience two mock trials. David Altaras and Christopher Donnellan... read more

The Bar Council in Brussels

What does the Bar Council’s Brussels Office do for the Bar? Evanna Fruithof looks at the current priorities, including the proposed European Sales Law. It is 12 years since... read more

JURATS - Something to emulate?

Timothy Hanson explains the role of the Jurats in the Channel Islands and asks whether this is a system that the English courts should adopt. Many legal systems place great... read more

Life after Death Row

John Thompson spent 18 years in prison, 14 of them on Death Row. Just before his execution date he was exonerated after it transpired there had been non-disclosure of prosecution evidence... read more

The Bar in Russia

The Bar Council recently co-hosted “English Law Week” in Moscow to promote the English Bar in Russia. Rupert D’Cruz and Christian Wisskirchen report. Between 27-29 June,... read more

A door to the world

Rory Field looks at the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) and how it can open the door for barristers at home to explore opportunities abroad. What is the IAP... read more

The UN and Libya: Intervention or Interference?

Khawar Qureshi QC sets out the law behind the military intervention in Libya and examines its legality Libya is no stranger to UN sanctions or bombing by NATO Member State warplanes. On 15 April 1986... read more

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

Osama bin Laden was killed in May in a US military operation.  As the dust in Pakistan settles, Ali Naseem Bajwa QC and  Anna Morris consider the issues raised President Obama’s announcement on 2 May... read more