Thomas Grant KC

Thomas Grant KC

Thomas Grant KC is a member of Maitland Chambers and Visiting Professor of Politics and Law at Gresham College. The last of his lecture series on the ‘Misrule of Law’ took place on 21 March 2022.

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Disinformation and the courtroom: the Moscow show trials

Moscow’s tenuous relationship with the truth now and then – Thomas Grant QC looks back at the last of the so-called ‘show trials’ where courtrooms were used as vehicles for disinformation and legitimisation of oppression

08 April 2022

The government and the judges

Zealots bent on upsetting the constitutional applecart or the only friends we have? And what is the alternative? Thomas Grant QC takes a look at the Independent Review of Administrative Law, its context and the charges against the senior judiciary

26 October 2020

Book review: Chance, Cheek and Some Heroics

Chance, Cheek and Some Heroics
Author: Frederic Reynold QC
Publisher: Wildy, Simmonds & Hill (February 2018)
ISBN: 9780854902446

31 August 2018
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Justice at the polls

The Chair of the Bar launches a Manifesto for Justice as campaigning gets under way

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