Sailesh Mehta

Sailesh Mehta

Sailesh Mehta is a barrister at Red Lion Chambers and heads up the Fire Law Team.

Articles by this author

Grenfell: lessons learnt

On the fourth anniversary of a tragic fire that claimed 72 lives, Sailesh Mehta outlines four key lessons

14 June 2021

'Kill the Bill'

Dissent and protest are a healthy safety valve for every democracy, write Sailesh Mehta and Caroline Baker, yet recent events have put the proposals around policing public protest under the spotlight – and many do not like what they see

08 April 2021

Opinion: Promoting and protecting judicial independence

No jurisdiction can afford to be complacent, write Mark Guthrie and Sailesh Mehta – a global review of judicial appointments systems and politicians’ attitudes to judges, and a campaigning role for the Bar

19 November 2020

Opinion: The algorithm of injustice

Beyond the intrusiveness of automated facial recognition is concern about ‘false positives’ and potential for racial bias in the technology

By Sailesh Mehta and Shahid Khan

21 September 2020

OPINION Juries in isolation

However temporary the new measures are intended to be, there is always a risk that they could become permanent - Sailesh Mehta and Mahesh Karu on the resumption of jury trials, but not as we know them

19 May 2020
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Earnings, reform and engagement

The new Bar Council earnings report presents a collective challenge for the self-employed Bar, remote hearings are changing and Bar Conference is back next month

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