Orlagh Kelly

Orlagh Kelly

Orlagh was called to the Bar in Belfast in 2003. A member of the Bar Council of Northern Ireland, she contributed to the recent BBC NI documentary Barristers. After developing a successful children’s law practice, Orlagh turned her mind to creating briefed.pro. Orlagh also teaches Masterclasses for Barristers in Business in Belfast & Dublin.

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How to survive a data breach

Imagine yourself in a panicked situation, with a ticking clock, trying to manage all your usual commitments whilst facing the possible destruction of your practice and career. Do you know what to do?

24 June 2019
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Leaving the Bar: How I became a Tech CEO

Orlagh Kelly outlines her journey from family law barrister to global technology entrepreneur

As a young student I dreamt of being in a courtroom, fighting for justice for my clients.

27 April 2015
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Join us for Justice Week

As we look ahead to Justice Week 2022, the sustainability of the Criminal Bar remains a critical issue for the government to address

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