Julian Morgan

Julian Morgan

Julian Morgan is founder and Managing Director of Fleet Street Wealth. His association with the Bar goes back over 25 years. Julian and his team look after barristers and members of the Judiciary within most of the London sets. For more information tel: 020 7353 6373; email: barristers@fswealth.co.ukvisit: www.fswealth.co.uk

Articles by this author

Silks: getting in good financial shape

Julian Morgan highlights just how critical financial advice is at this crossroads stage of your career, what exactly you should be looking for in a financial adviser, and has a special offer for the Bar*

29 May 2023

Financial advice fees must be transparent...

... have you seen through yours? asks Julian Morgan

01 June 2022

The top five tax year-end opportunities

Julian Morgan reminds barristers of the top five areas to consider before 5 April

14 February 2022

A whistle-stop tour of investing

From cash to crypto, would you know where to start? Fleet Street Wealth’s Managing Director, Julian Morgan, advised delegates at the 2021 Annual Bar and Young Bar Conference

25 January 2022
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Preparing for life at the Bar: financial aspects to consider

Julian Morgan sets out the financial and accounting aspects of a career at the Bar

01 September 2021

A year of change: barristers and the property market

With the property market witnessing significant changes since the beginning of the pandemic, Fleet Street Wealth’s Managing Director Julian Morgan considers the future of the home, the second home and the office

11 June 2021

5 April... Q&A

What should barristers be doing on the personal finance front ahead of the end of the tax year on 5 April? Julian Morgan of Fleet Street Wealth answers your questions

25 February 2021
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Earnings, reform and engagement

The new Bar Council earnings report presents a collective challenge for the self-employed Bar, remote hearings are changing and Bar Conference is back next month

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