As we ease out of lockdown and begin the recovery process it is an ideal time for barristers to review their finances and strategically plan for future growth.

Tax bill planning

Many barristers may have depleted tax reserves or utilised much of their overdraft facility to fund their practices during the pandemic. With the 31 July tax bill deadline fast approaching, it makes sense to consider the benefits of funding which could augment cash flow and offer peace of mind in one easy step.

Vector Professions Finance are here to help with our ever-popular aged debt funding facility for your short and longer term funding requirements.

On reviewing your finances, it may be pertinent to consider funding tax and reducing/clearing your overdraft over a longer term to further enhance cash flow by ensuring manageable and affordable monthly instalments.

Many of our clients will be consolidating any late payments, their July and estimated January 2022 tax bills into a longer term facility (up to 60 months) with the knowledge that their future tax obligations have been planned for in advance. With this in mind, and funds in place, barristers can concentrate on their cases without worrying about financial issues.

Overdraft refinance

If previous/current tax bills and reduced fees during the pandemic have been funded by an overdraft many barristers will look to refinance the overdraft via our aged debt loan product. This increases headroom for contingency planning. This option has proved to be increasingly popular as many banks have recently raised their overdraft interest rates.

The application

With over 25 years’ experience with the Bar and endorsed by the Bar Council for over ten years, we understand the complexities with which barristers are faced. Our mission is to provide fast track flexible funding with a quick and easy application process with minimal information required. We only usually require a completed online form together with confirmation from the clerks system of gross receipts and aged debt. 

Key features and benefits of an aged debt loan:
  • Peace of mind
  • Overdraft remains in tact
  • Term to suit budget (6-60 months)
  • Unsecured facility
  • Potentially tax efficient
  • Fast confidential service
  • Credit decisions in 48 hours
  • Loan to aged debt ratio 75%
What our clients say: ‘Refreshing to deal with a company that understands barristers’ ‘Such a straightforward application process’ ‘So much faster than my bank’ ‘Thank you for your prompt and courteous service’ ‘I wish I had used your valuable service earlier’