Prosecution advocacy: joint statement by the DPP and Bar Chairman

As Director of Public Prosecutions and Chairman of the Bar, we are pleased to report that constructive and positive discussions between the CPS and the Bar Council have re-commenced.

The purpose of the discussions is to explore possible ways for a viable referral Bar, with the right skills and qualities to handle a continuing requirement for prosecution advocacy at all levels in the Crown Court and higher courts, alongside a cadre of Crown Advocates employed by the CPS.

The discussions will be underpinned by a shared commitment to the One Bar ethic, equality and diversity and high quality standards.

The range of possibilities to be explored will take into account the CPS Advocacy Strategy and support the maintenance of high quality advocacy services against the backdrop of a
diminishing overall financial provision. The discussions will also explore the possibility of
joint training opportunities and of greater movement between the employed and self employed sectors.

Keir Starmer QC, Director of Public Prosecutions. Nick Green QC, Chairman of the Bar Council